Pastor Troy Brings the Bling to Georgia Football


Georgia football received some national attention thanks to the Dawgs #1fAn, Pastor Troy.

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Pastor Troy stepped the 50-yard line in Sanford Stadium Saturday and turned a ho-hum afternoon into a big deal with the Bulldog Cheer.

The Atlanta rap legend loves the Bulldogs – and if he doesn’t he knows to hitch his bling to the Dawgs . . . or something.

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Most of the 50 and over set approved of the star’s try at the Bulldog Cheer. Might as well, 2015 and beyond belongs to the Millennials and everyone might as well get used to it.

What – tattoos, nose piercing, and those baggy gym shorts?

Dude, it’s cool.

We had our fun. Remember that long hair? Your girlfriend’s embroidered bell bottoms and the daisies in her hair?

But what about the language in these rap songs? Has the world gone all to heck?

What about the lyrics in Whole Lotta Love, the Led Zeppelin song co-opted by the Redcoats to create the “Go, Go Go, Go, Go, Go, Go” Cheer? (We kept it simple in 1969.) I didn’t tell any adults I knew what the original lyrics.

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“But they come late to the games, the boys dress sloppy, and the girls won’t get off those phones.”

“They spell words funny”

Lighten up, grumpy, let the kids have some fun.

We had James Brown. These kids have Pastor Troy.

Pastor Troy came to Athens and I think everyone wants him to come back. He’s a star. He brings a special energy to Bulldog events, he makes it fun for the kids. And it’s fun for the for grownups to watch kids have fun – at least for the grownups that, like, you know – grew up.

While Georgia vs. Louisiana Monroe was a blip on the national college football radar, Pastor Troy repped the Bulldogs national, drawing ink from Foxsports and CBSSports.

So bring that bad wrestling belt back to the ATH and we’ll give the Bulldog Cheer another go, Pastor Troy, and the kids will have some fun.

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