Georgia Bulldogs: Inside Scoop for a Great Time in Nashville


A visit ot the Music City is always great time, even more so with the inside scoop from a local. For Georgia Bulldogs heading to Nashville, we have just that.

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SEC road games are always a good time, especially when your team is highly favored to win. The best road trip on the schedule this year is Vanderbilt in the Music City of Nashville.

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The secrets to a good time in Nashville are held by the local citizenry, and Dawn of the Dawg called in Nashville expert and resident Krisi Cooper.

We got a hold of Krisi just in time for Dawg fans to make this the best road trip ever. Just be sure to be at Vanderbilt Stadium for kick off, and that’s two o’clock Music City Time, and wearing red

Take a joy ride! In most places Uber and Lyft are car services of choice, but here in the music city (especially downtown) you will want to do Joy Ride. It is a golf cart service that shuttles downtown and west end for tips only. This is a cheaper alternative to the other car services, and Krisi has yet to have a rude driver! (Tip your driver well)

Pancake Pantry is a must for breakfast. Say goodbye to your diet for the day and say hello to a stack of delicious pancakes. Krisi takes out of towners here all the time, and she has yet to have anyone who didn’t say they had a great meal.

Go to Brewhouse and get a Bushwhacker! Krisi suggests Brewhouse Downtown if you want the country music scene. If you like Wendy’s frosties and you like alcohol, Bushwhacker is the drink for you.

For good music head over to Tootsies! Many of the country greats have launched their careers at Tootsies. We know what you are thinking , Tootsies is not a secret. True, but it definitely has a lot of good music with 3 levels of bands. WARNING- this bar is always crowded. You will have no room to breathe, but the music is good.

Places to avoid– do not under any circumstance go to Coyote Ugly. Krisi says the movie makes the bar look cool, but there are usually about five creepy guys in that bar and that’s it. They charge a cover that you wish you could get back two minutes after you enter. Tequila Cowboy is mainly all tourists so no real country feel there. Follow Krisi’s advice – there are too many good places to hang out.

Eat dinner at Pharmacy. Pharmacy is a burger spot in east Nashville – best burger Krisi’s had. There are vegetarian options, in-house made sodas, and an outdoor beer garden – very hip for anyone wanting to try something different.

For all you beer snobs head down to The Flying Saucer. With over 250 different types of beers, there is something for everyone. For a sweeter, fruity taste, try Hummingbird Water. If you like raspberry lemonade you will love this beer.

If you want to be with locals go to Five Points. There are many great bars and many sports bars for those that would rather watch sports than do the club scene.

Demos restaurant downtown is a favorite of Krisi’s if you want a cheap dinner or lunch option. Steak and spaghetti and a middle Tennessee owned chain that has something for the whole family.

Have fun and enjoy The Music City! Krisi and Coach Bark Richt and will be downtown Friday walking around and enjoying the people and the ambiance so if you see a cute bulldog – young lady pair, dressed in all red and black, be sure to stop, give them a Go Dawgs, and thank them for a good time.

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