Georgia Football: Quarterback Questions Remain Unanswered


Heading into a week three match-up against the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Georgia football team still has to shake the cobwebs off of its quarterbacks.

Ol’ Spurrier just has to be licking his chops while watching the film of Georgia’s quarterback play against Vanderbilt.

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While I was impressed with the decision making and efficiency from starting quarterback Greyson Lambert in the season opener against Louisiana-Monroe, he took a major step back in his follow-up performance against Vanderbilt.

It wasn’t until the 3rd quarter and his 8th pass attempt that the Virginia graduate-transfer from Wayne County High School finally got his first completion, and while he finished the game with a completion rate just over 50%, for much of the game he was a liability to our offense.

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Sure, the struggles weren’t entirely due to Lambert’s poor play; the referees seemed to be playing a game of penalty roulette, throwing out phantom targeting and roughing the passer calls, while forgetting that holding is not allowed in the game of football. However, against good opponents, you cannot afford to start a game off 0-7 passing. We can only ride Nick Chubb so far before he asks for some help.

It seemed for a brief moment that the Dawgs would get a reprieve from Lambert when Brice Ramsey came on towards the end of the 2nd quarter. The redshirt sophomore completed his first two passes right off the bat, but his next two both ended up incomplete. Still, this was a good sign for us Dawg fans, as Ramsey’s two completions were the first completions of the game, but when asked about the quarterbacks at the half, Head Coach Mark Richt said that throwing Brice in was just a part of the game plan, and not representative of a switch. Sure enough, he kept to his promise, and Lambert was the only quarterback in a 2nd half that was too close for comfort.

So, with a big rivalry game with revenge and a possible SEC East crown on the line (it’s still early, but you can’t lose the division title to Missouri if you don’t lose any games), what should CMR and Schotty do about this problem on their hands?

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If you ask me, they’ve gotta start Brice Ramsey against South Carolina. Greyson Lambert was mediocre at best against Vandy, and you won’t win a football game against Steve Spurrier, especially when you’re his favorite team to beat, by being mediocre.

By having Brice Ramsey start the game on Saturday, we get a possible solution sooner rather than later. If we start Greyson Lambert and he has another terrible start, we’ll surely fall behind, and we do not want to play catch up in the 2nd half. If Ramsey struggles early, we can take him out and try Lambert again, or better yet, we can give Faton Bauta his first action of the season.

Regardless of who the quarterback ends up being, the Bulldogs need to find somebody who can be productive and actually help the team win, and they need to do it this Saturday. Because two weeks from the day, the season gets real, with a certain team that wears crimson coming to town. If we don’t have an established quarterback by then, forget about it.

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