Georgia Bulldogs Mixology: The South Carolina Tailgate Cocktail


After a rootin’ tootin’ good time on Broadway, Music City style, we have another great cocktail to celebrate the  Georgia Bulldogs return to the ATH.

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If you’re like me you haven’t felt great about yourself since Nashville. Physically, you’re in shambles, but that’s just football season.

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Some real questionable stuff, however, went down in Nash-Vegas both on the football field and at the world-famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Broadway, but none of that is your fault. Well the stuff at Tootsie’s is actually 100% your fault, you’re the worst, but that stuff that went down on the gridiron? Son, that’s not your fault.

No the blame for that falls to a non-existent passing attack lead by a


transfer QB and his merry band of

pass catching

somewhat-in-the-vicinity-of-the-football wide receivers. This effort was coordinated by none other than newly minted Offensive Coordinator Brian Schott-gun-enheimer.

(I am giving the secondary a pass on this game for Pruitt reasons. Complaints can be forwarded directly to Coach Pruitt at the risk of your very soul. Good luck.)

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But we escaped with a win! You saw it! I did too! Having been to Nashville when we have not survived the crucible of two-star athletes and bald-headed coaches thrown our way I will take our current situation any day of the week.

So cheer up folks! Just like Coach Richt and our (offensively bewildered) beloved battlin’ bulldogs we must press on, which leads us to the week you have had circled on your calendars since a rainy night on September 14th, 2014…our annual tilt against The University of South Carolina.

And for this a battle with the Palmetto State Poultry, we will need just the right cocktail. As always my good friend Joey Vargas, the head bartender at American Whiskey NYC was up for the challenge of crafting one for us!

Allow us to introduce you to your new best friend, and fine fall drink called the 1892.


-Lime Juice-

-Honey Syrup-

-Apricot Liqueur-

-Rye Whiskey-

-Sparkling Wine or Champagne-


1. In your mixing tin (or solo cup) add…

-.75 oz of lime juice

-.5 honey syrup*

-.5 ounce Apricot liqueur**

-1.5 ounce Rye Whiskey***

2. Strain into a glass over ice.

3. Top with sparkling wine. Champagne if you’re a baller.****

Whiskey rules. But sometimes you are looking for something a little smoother. This is a fun whiskey jammer that Joey just added on the menu at American Whiskey NYC. Look, we all love big-time, high-octane, nail-biting, SEC games, just like we all love straight Whiskey, but this weekend wouldn’t you settle for something a little smoother? That is what this week is about y’all, finding a way to comfortably and dominantly defeat an inferior and less talented South Carolina team. So let’s be like our boy Christopher Cross and keep it smooth.

The keys to a smooth victory are as easy as crafting the 1892. Provide Nick Chubb and Sony Michel with adequate passing support, plug up the holes in our secondary, take advantage of the turnovers created by an aggressive secondary and dominant linebacking corps, and simply play our first complete football game of the season through all three phases. We do that an inter-division rival that usually burns like hell will go down as smooth as the drink in your hand my friends. Enjoy the 1892, and good luck Dawgnation, until next week…

Dawgs on top, now top me off!

Additional Notes from Joey…

*Honey syrup is 2 parts honey to one part hot water at American Whiskey.

**I prefer to use Rothman and Winter Orchard Apricot .

*** I like to use Templeton Rye.

****Save some of those bubbles to toast the Dawgs victory!

Special Thanks…

From NYC to Athens. Big thanks to Michael McDermott, a bartender in Downtown Athens, for trying this cocktail with his customers and submitting this week’s pictures.

Joey VargasAs head bartender at American Whiskey NYC, Joey Vargas brings his signature approachable charm to the crafted cocktail. A former Baseball player at USF, and a self-described “shot and a beer guy,” Joey became accidentally enamored with bar tending while working as a bartender at the John Dory Oyster Bar between 2011 and 2013. Wanting a craftsman not simply a mixologist behind the bar, Joey quickly rose through the ranks in NYC. Now, a head bartender at American Whiskey NYC, Joey spends his free time with his kickball team “The Rescue Rangers” and watching his dog Delgado chase squirrels.

Josh JohnsA University of Georgia graduate, Josh works for Valiant Comics in New York City. A tour guide in Nashville told him the origin of the term “hooker” and while there is not enough room to cover it here, it’s truly fascinating and worthy of your research. 

Special thanks to American Whiskey, NYC. Your home for the Dawgs in NYC. Located at 247 West 30th street follow them online at, on Twitter at @WhiskeyAmerican, and on Instagram at @AmericanWhikseyNYC.

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