Georgia Football: Same Ol’ Spurrier, New Dawg Tricks Saturday


The Georgia football team will unleash tactics unseen so far in 2015. Meanwhile, Steve Spurrier just keeps on hatin’.

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This just in – Steve Spurrier hates Georgia.

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When I was quarterbacking [at Florida] I lost two out of three,[to Georgia]. But we won our freshman year. Put that in there. We were keeping score that freshman game, so tell my buddy Lynn Hughes we kicked their butts my freshman year, OK?”

Sure coach, it was half a century ago. Heck no, you ain’t fergittin’.

I sort of always liked playing [Georgia] that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.

The king of the quip, the master of the diss, the Donald Trump of the gridiron, Spurrier has been a little whacky this season.

We got some enemies out there, some guys talkin’ and writin’. Some of our enemies out there want you to think Spurrier’s getting old, he can’t do it anymore. They‘ll try to convince people that our 7 and 6 is not as good as some other school’s 7 and 6. We gotta understand, we got some enemies out there. – from CBS video.

Still, paranoid or not, the 70 year old Head Ball Coach’s effort to beat Georgia, you can be sure, is tightly focused.

And in return, Steve Spurrier is the coach Georgia fans love to hate. Boos will rain upon the South Carolina head football coach from the moment he steps on the field Saturday. Cheers will accompany every visor fling. And, should Georgia find a way to outsmart the Gamecocks for a very big SEC win, the jeers will accompany the peels of the Chapel Bell deep into the night.

You know what FSU stands for, don’t you? Free Shoes University.

What will it take to beat the Gamecocks? I’m sure, as goofy as the South Carolina – Georgia series has been, no one knows.

What we do know is both teams are experiencing drama at the quarterback spot.

Georgia quarterback is graduate transfer Greyson Lambert claimed the starting spot over heir apparent Brice Ramsey. Lambert has been very good and he has very bad. To his credit, Ramsey played confidently when called to perform. Both Lambert and Ramsey have displayed resilience and toughness.

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But the real tragedy was that 15 [books in the Auburn dorm fire] hadn’t been colored yet.

At South Carolina, former walk-on Perry Orth takes over after starting quarterback sophomore Connor Mitch went down with an injury during the Kentucky game.  Orth is 15-for-22 for 203 passing yards, with one touchdown and one interception.

Dawg fans clamored for two weeks for a more diverse offense. They will get it this week.

Expect the Dawgs to unleash the full offensive versatility of Sony Michel. If Michel takes snaps in a Wildcat formation and out runs linebackers and safeties in the passing game, this will be the week.

Expect the Dawgs to un-tether Keith Marshall from the toss sweep. If Keith Marshall appears in tandem with Nick Chub and displays his speed on the wheel rout and counter plays, this will be the week.

I know why Peyton came back for his senior year. He wanted to be a three-time star of the Citrus Bowl.

Expect the Dawgs to reveal the athletic fury of freshman Terry Godwin. If Terry Godwin is persistently pressed as the first offensive option, this will be the week.

Expect the Dawgs to flash thunder and lightning from Nick Chubb and Malcolm Mitchell. If the strength and speed pair is ever combined to stretch safeties near and deep, this will be the week.

we got some enemies

Dawg fans are pleased with the defense – at least as pleased as any post-1980 Dawg fans ever are. But there is more to come.

Expect the Dawgs to introduce the football world to freshman defensive lineman Trenton Thompson. With the Dawg’s vaunted linebackers occupying the South Carolina offensive mind, the now lathered up Thompson will bully the center of the Gamecock offensive line.

South Carolina will throw the ball to Pharoh Cooper. They will snap the ball to Pharaoh Cooper. They will hand the ball to Pharoh Cooper. South Carolina will do other things, too, but getting the ball to Pharoh Cooper is what the Gamecocks will do every chance they get.

Still, as usual, this game will come down to which team’s quarterback makes the plays that wins the game or makes the mistakes that lose the game.

And expect some splendid Steve Spurrier quips.

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