Georgia Recruiting: Signing day Predictions


With signing day less than 24 hours away, here are my predictions for who joins the #SICEM17 UGA class and who ends up elsewhere.

Lets start with with the wins shall we:

Markaviest  Bryant

‘Big Cat’ has been getting some very serious love these past few weeks from LSU and Auburn. That’s two very big schools who really need a talent like Bryant more than Georgia does to make their 2017 class look better, enticing. That being said, I believe that UGA’s coaches and recruits will eventually win the day on the instate prospect. It’s closer than many thought it would be, but ultimately, I believe the chance to win big with his home state school wins over.

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Prediction: Georgia

Nico Collins

Going a bit against the grain, I still believe Nico will ultimately pick UGA. Lots of forecast these past few days have him heading to Michigan or Alabama, but I still think Georgia is the best fit. He would be the highest ranked receiver in Georgia and has a very close relationship with the Jacob Eason and his family. Jim Harbaugh will push this one to the wall but I believe in the end, Kirby will get his man.

Prediction: Georgia

Ameer Speed

A lesser known name and pretty much the ‘backup plan’ at corner back. Speed has received a great deal of interest from both Georgia and Alabama late even though he is ‘only’ a 3 star prospect. I firmly believe that if Georgia miss out on Jamyest Williams, Speed will be at UGA. The big question, is whether there is room on Georgia’s roster for both.

Prediction: Georgia

The ‘big dawg we really shouldn’t get our hopes up for’:

Aubrey Solomon

Solomon is the highest ranked of all of the players on this list and he’s been a high priority for Kirby Smart and co for the past 6 months. That being said, all the signs point to Georgia essentially being out of this race. Both Alabama and Michigan have had recent in home visits and Georgia has not. Add this to the fact that he’s never really sounded as sold on UGA as he has the other two, and this one looks unlikely.

Prediction: Alabama

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Georgia
NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Georgia /

The ‘close but just got away’ group:

TD Slaton

Aubrey Solomon Insurance #1. A top ranked guard, Georgia has been heavily recruiting him as a defensive tackle due to their heavily stacked OL in this class. The Georgia recruits were pushing hard to get him to commit to UGA at the Army All America game but ultimately, I think that they might just miss this one. Florida has been pushing for him for much longer and are in his home state. Ultimately, I think he decides to stay closer to home, especially with playing time on the DL more available for the Gators.

Prediction: Florida

Leonard Warner

Warner has a tough decision to make. Stay close to home and possibly play for titles or go to Stanford and get a world class degree. As much as he wants to play with the 2017 class, I think Palo Alto is just too tempting for him. He is a highly intelligent guy and it just seems that he already has his mind on after football.

Prediction: Stanford

Larrell Murchison

Aubrey Solomon Insurance #2. Kirby pushed hard to bring Murchison in when it looked like Solomon was getting away. Right now he says its between Ole’ Miss (who he is committed to) and UGA. Ultimately, if the three I have at the top commit and UGA holds the rest of its class, I’m not sure Georgia has room for him. Ole Miss it is.

Prediction: Ole’ Miss

The ‘I’m not going anywhere’ flip candidates:

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

Devonte Wyatt

Wyatt was initially a South Carolina commit and Will Muschamp has been pushing hard to bring him back. He has said that he is 50-50 but I think UGA will hold onto him. At the end of the day, he has a chance to really win titles in Athens and I think that makes the decision for him.

Prediction: Georgia 

Robert Beal

Beal has been out taking visits to other schools for a while now, most recently at South Carolina. That being said, I still think Beal is strongly committed to Georgia. His public statements have always made these visits seem like just window dressing and that he remains committed to UGA. I also think that Kirby Smart’s defense offers him the best opportunity to become a next level prospect and so heading to Athens will be best for him in the long run.

Prediction: Georgia

The guy that I really, REALLY want, but don’t want to say we’ll get him:

Jamyest Williams

Williams is incredibly tough to call. My heart really wants to say that he flips from South Carolina to Georgia but my head worries that he won’t. It seems that Williams really wants to play with his former Grayson teammate Deangelo Gibbs at UGA and several other top prospects. However, he knows that he is the cornerstone of South Carolina’s class and they really need him to stick with them.

Prediction: South Carolina

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In some ways, I’m chickening out a bit on this one. He’s the player on this list that I absolutely want the most, but I just can’t bear to jynx anything and say that I think he’ll end up in Athens. If he does, look out for a very excited post all about how big of a flip I think he will be!