Georgia football: Top 10 quarterbacks in school history

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Who are the best quarterbacks in Georgia football history? It’s a hard list to whittle down.

Georgia football may be “Running Back U”, but they’ve had no shortage of great quarterbacks in their illustrious history.

In the 1940’s and 50’s, head coach Wally Butts pioneered the passing game in Athens with several great passers during his career. Vince Dooley focused more on the run but he occasionally had a some good quarterbacks.

Ray Goff brought passing to the forefront, Jim Donnan continued that, and Mark Richt took it to another level.

Regardless, since the 1940’s you can count on Georgia having a good quarterback as much as you can count on them having a great running back.

Rules are the same as the top 10 running backs countdown, current players are ineligible for this list.

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