Georgia Tennis beats #4 USC in NCAA tournament

Georgia Tennis had a fantastic day on Thursday when the Mens tennis team beat one of the favorites for the NCAA tournament.

It’s a big NCAA tournament for Georgia Tennis. The tournament is being held in Athens for what could be the last time in a while. With a recent scandal swirling around the program, a lot of people were worried that the team would not be able to fully focus on the tournament.

But the Mens team put in their biggest performance of the season yesterday. They beat the #4 ranked team, USC 4-3 in one of the biggest upsets in the tournament. The Trojans have won each of the last 3 NCAA’s that have been held in Athens and they defeated UGA 4-0 earlier in the season.’s Chip Towers has a fantastic report of the scenes in Athens on Thursday.

The Dawgs were able to win despite losing the doubles match. UGA has the #1 ranked doubles pair in the nation this year and they have often helped carry Georgia this season. But their young players were able to overcome that particular loss and

It was a huge win for a still very young team. It puts them through to the Quarterfinals where they will face #5 ranked UCLA. The Dawgs have denied the Bruins the chance to beat their longtime rivals and dawg fans will be hoping the team can come through again with a big win on Saturday.

The Semifinals for the tournament will be played on Monday before the eventual final is aired on ESPNU on Tuesday afternoon. Fingers crossed for another big performance from the dawgs this weekend!