Georgia basketball: Expectations for 2017-18 after Maten’s decision

After a disappointing hoops season last year. What should Georgia basketball fans expect next season.

The Facts:

With the return of Yante Maton, Georgia will only be losing four seniors from the past season. With only one of those seniors being a consistent starter throughout the season in J.J. Frazier.

With a ton of their underclassmen getting playing time throughout the season. And with Mark Fox bringing in a top 40 class in that nation. While also landing one top 50 overall prospect in that class. Georgia Basketball should be shaping up for a good run at the tournament.

They are deep at every position, and got a lot of their younger guards involved in the system last season. They are experienced at every position. There should be no reason why Georgia shouldn’t make the NCAA Tournament this season.


Georgia should get back on track with a 20-win season. They should also be able to finish the closer games that they lost this past season to tournament teams. With all the talent on this team, we should expect to at least split the Florida series, split the South Carolina series, and win at least one against Kentucky/Alabama.

We should also expect this team to make another deep run in the SEC tournament, but we shouldn’t need the SEC tournament, to attempt to make it into March Madness.

This should be the make or break season for Head Coach Mark Fox. This is the best accumulation of talent on one team for Mark Fox. The rest of the SEC is beginning to load up on talent, and if Fox can not steer this team into the tournament. Georgia needs to improve their head coach, and start gearing up towards the rise of SEC basketball conference-wide.  Georgia can not afford to drop behind the rest of the conference in another sport.

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