No SEC school is better than Georgia when it comes to this.

Georgia may not have the same the national titles when compared to other SEC schools. But no school has been better at getting to bowl games.

Georgia has made it to a bowl game every year for the past twenty seasons. That goes to show the history of having winning seasons is very much a part of Georgia. As everyone knows you need to win six games to be bowl eligible, and winning six games would mean you had a .500 regular season. Georgia has only had one season like that since the start of this streak, and that was 2010, when the 6-6 Bulldogs lost to UCF in their bowl game.

Continuing this streak will really help Georgia in all facets of their reputation. They have always been a winning team over the past two decades, and continuing the streak of winning can only help when it comes to recruiting and national recognition.  No one wants to play for a team that can’t make it to the post season, especially when it is extremely easy to go bowling in the NCAA. Georgia just needs to step up to the national level games when it comes to bowl games. Making the playoffs would be a huge help in so many different aspects of collegiate football. But even making a New Year’s Six bowl game will really help with the recruiting and recognition of our program.

Georgia has had continued success on the gridiron, and that should continue throughout the tenure of Kirby Smart. The next step for Georgia will be adding quality bowl games to their record. Hopefully we will see Georgia add some much-needed bigger bowl games to our streak, then we can see Georgia add a few titles to their streak, whether they are National Titles, or SEC Titles.



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