Georgia Football beats Tennessee Volunteers 38-12

It was a bit tougher than expected, but once again Georgia Football buried the Tennessee Volunteers to win 38-12 for their fifth win of the season.

The Georgia Football team got their fifth win of the season when they beat the Tennessee Volunteers today. It wasn’t the best performance but there were some encouraging moments in the game. The Dawgs didn’t dominate on offense in the way that many expected them to. However as the day went on, they were able to overcome their struggles and eventually they iced the game in the 4th quarter.

Georgia got on the scoreboard with perhaps the weirdest touchdown of the season. Jake Fromm was sacked on a third and long and Issac Nauta picked up the ball and ran 40 yards for a touchdown. Just like the playcaller wanted right? In some ways it was fitting Nauta made the play, because it was him who missed the block that led to Fromm getting hit.

Throughout the game, Georgia struggled to run the ball when Jake Fromm was under center. For the third time in three SEC games, Fromm struggled to assert himself in the passing game as well. That meant that for the first time this year, we got to see Justin Fields get meaningful playing time. He impressed, running for 45 yards and two touchdowns. The running game as a whole seemed to loosen up when he was on the field. The Vols had to respect his legs and that gave the running backs more room as a whole.

The Vols scored two touchdowns on mental breakdowns by UGA. That was disappointing but overall, the defense played well. They held the Vols to only 66 yards rushing on 26 attempts and generally, looked fast and vicious on the field. JR Reed was unfortunately at fault for both touchdowns and you know that Kirby Smart is going to do some serious coaching with his defense to try and cut out the mental mistakes.

It was closer than many hoped but it’s not all doom and gloom. UGA didn’t batter the Vols into submission and Fromm is still yet to really get going yet this season. But with Fields able to come in and the running game finally establishing itself late on, there were some positives that could be taken from the game.

Georgia has yet to climb out of 1st gear this season. That was the case again this week, but at no point did it ever look like they were not going to win the game. They aren’t steamrolling teams like Alabama, but they continue to put them away with ease and that’s what good programs do. The Dawgs aren’t perfect, but this win shows that they’re still a serious force to be reckoned with.