Georgia Football: Quick Takeaways from the Tennessee game

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 29: Justin Fields #1 (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 29: Justin Fields #1 (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images /

The Georgia Football team got a big win against the Tennessee Vols and here are our quick takeaways from the Dawgs 5th win of the season.

Georgia has a two QB system (when needed), not a controversy:

Contrary to what some people think, I do not see a QB controversy at Georgia right now. Jake Fromm had a difficult game, but he’s clearly the best option passing the ball right now. Yes, Justin Fields came on and looked great when scrambling. He opened up the running game because the Vols were constantly worried about his legs, but he only threw the ball twice and fumbled once. He didn’t show us that he’s ready to step in and take the starting job yet.

But here’s the thing, Georgia doesn’t need him to be ‘the guy’. Fromm made some critical passes at big times and is still really good. He remains dangerous on third down and despite his recent struggles, he clearly knows the offense better than Fields. Fromm also had to deal with some poor pass protection that blew up a couple of would-be big plays that were not his fault.

With that being said, it’s also obvious that Fromm is not playing like the world beater we all expected him to be this season. For example, he missed one quick throw to Terry Godwin that was maddening because the play call was the definition of perfect. The good news is that Georgia has something no other school has. A generational talent who can step in and move the ball even though he’s still learning the offense.

Fields showed that if Fromm struggles, he’s capable of making an impact. He’s not taking Fromm’s job anytime soon, but he can step in and score when needed. For the first time, we saw the Dawgs switching QB’s during drives and this caused the Vols defense all sorts of problems. Just when they had adjusted to Fields running, they suddenly had to deal with Fromm’s outside throws. It was a tactic that worked really well.

You can imagine that the coaches are both happy and annoyed that they had to play Fields so much. In one sense, they now know that he’s capable of playing like this when they need it. Unfortunately, so does the rest of college football so the element of surprise is probably gone now. Georgia has two QB’s that can make this offense work. That’s a good thing but there’s nothing controversial about it.