Georgia Recruiting: No need to worry about recent decommits

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Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
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A lot of people are starting to panic about Georgia Recruiting after three decommitments in a week, but this is all part of the process under Kirby Smart.

Depending on how you look at it, it’s been a rough week for Georgia Recruiting. The Football team has built one of the best recruiting operations in the country. In 2018 Kirby Smart brought in one of the best classes in the history of recruiting. This years class looks really rather good and was sitting comfortably in the top three until this week. Then Jadon Haselwood, one of the best players in the country decided to decommit and look at other schools. After that Jalen Perry and JD Bertrand both made the same decision as the week came to a close.

Now, of course, rival fanbases are rejoicing. They’re crowing left and right about how there must be ‘something wrong’ with UGA’s recruiting. Just a quick trip to Twitter and rival websites and you’ll find plenty of gloating about this whole situation. Plenty of people seem to have a rather misplaced belief that the entire of the UGA class is about to magically decommit and disappear. In fact, this one week seems to have a lot of schools suddenly dreaming that UGA will end up with nothing but 3-star prospects in the 2019 class.

Yeah, I hate to burst some bubbles for people here, but that isn’t going to happen. The sky is by no means falling. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if by the time we get to signing day, those rival fans are sobbing into their beers. Yes, Haselwood’s decision is not exactly ideal, but the race is far from over for him. The other two players are both really good guy and potentially solid players, but we’ve seen this before from Kirby Smart and his staff.