Georgia Recruiting: No need to worry about recent decommits

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Haselwood is not a lost cause:

There seems to be some belief out there that Jadon Haselwood is a lost cause for UGA. That because he decided to decommit after 18 months, that the Dawgs are out of his commitment. A lot of rival fans are running around boasting about how he’s only going to end up at their school. Yeah, that might not be the case.

Haselwood’s decision to look around isn’t entirely surprising. He’s been looking at other schools for over a year. He’s not like UGA’s other 5-star receiver commit Dominick Blaylock. Blaylock shut down his recruitment a very long time ago. After he made his decision to go to UGA, that was it and he told people that he was done. Haselwood has never been like that. He’s always wanted to look around and he’s always been concerned about the type of offense that he played in.

UGA isn’t throwing the ball around a huge amount yet this season. It’s safe to say that a lot of schools are saying this to Haselwood and that he’s decided that he want to reopen his recruitment and look at all of the programs with fresh eyes. The likes of Miami and Oklahoma are both saying that he’ll be a 1000 yard receiver in their offense.

But don’t rule UGA out. Haselwood is very close to Georgia’s coaching staff as well as the players on the roster. He’s been close to Justin Fields for years and has always talked about how much he wants to play with Fields. Kirby Smart and James Coley have also both been close to the receiver for a very long time. Haselwood’s mother likes UGA a lot and likes how they prioritize education and being a part of a team. Don’t be shocked if come signing day Haselwood ends up making the same decision he did 18 months ago and staying in state.