Georgia Recruiting: No need to worry about recent decommits

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There’s no room in this class for players who don’t fit perfectly:

When you look at some of those names, you can probably understand my final point. Space in the 2019 class is very limited. With those three decommitments, UGA currently has 16 players lined up to come to Athens. Four of them are 5-stars and 13 of them are top 250 guys. Unlike last year however where Georgia took 26 players in their class, this year, UGA’s class will be a lot smaller.

The Dawgs are a young and very talented team. Two-thirds of their roster going into this year are sophomores and freshmen. The Dawgs only have 14 seniors on their roster right now and while there will be some Juniors that potentially go pro, the fact is that the Dawgs are going to struggle to get many more than 20 scholarships available this year.

Maybe Mecole Hardman and Elijah Holyfield go pro a year early. Maybe Tyler Clark and JR Reed join them. The fact is that I think it’s highly unlikely that 4 or more juniors leave UGA before their senior season right now. That includes Demetris Robertson who many thought would leave for sure after this year. He’s been so rusty that I think it’s unlikely he impresses the NFL scouts enough to be a high draft pick in 2019 meaning the Dawgs will likely have him raring to go next season.

Kirby Smart and his staff can encourage some players to move on and transfer due to lack of opportunities. But the fact is, this team really doesn’t have much room. They can’t fit players who are projects and might one day work out. Every player they sign in 2019 needs to be a potentially big impact guy to make sense in this squad. That means guys who might take time simply aren’t an option. Perry and Bertrand might not be the final players who end up elsewhere when the final signings are completed.

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There’s nothing wrong with that. Its the part of the business with football recruiting that a lot of people don’t see. Credit to Kirby and his staff, they’re giving these two guys plenty of time to go out there and find the program that works for them. I have no doubt that both Perry and Bertrand will find great fits and be good players. Their decisions were not an indictment of UGA’s recruiting, but rather a sign of just how good you have to be to play in Athens these days. Dawg fans should wish both of them the best of luck but do so knowing that Smart and his staff have a plan. They always do.