Georgia football: three players who need to get the ball more often

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Georgia football is 6-0 and averages over 40 points per game so far in 2018. But the offense hasn’t always fired on all cylinders.

Demetris Robertson – WR

The only things holding Demetris Robertson back at Georgia football, are his knowledge of the playbook and his lack of blocking ability. In the no-defense world of the Pac 12, Robertson was told to just get open and California would get him the ball. At Georgia, against tougher defenses, he needs to not only be more in sync with his quarterbacks, but he also needs to be able to block for the running backs.

But there have been situations this year where utilizing Robertson might not have been a bad idea. Especially in the first halves against Missouri and Tennessee. With injuries at the offensive line, and a passing game that at the time wasn’t quite reaching its potential, injecting someone with Robertson’s talent and skill set could’ve added the dynamic that Georgia’s offense needed. It’s not too late for that either. Robertson could help prevent the offense from ever being stagnant.

In Robertson’s place, seemingly, is Jayson Stanley, a receiver with only three catches in three seasons. But Stanley is a good blocker, so his number gets called when the coaches want a smashmouth run play.

The issue is, Stanley being on the field is normally a good indicator that Georgia is going to keep the ball on the ground. Not to say that Stanley shouldn’t see the field at all. But Robertson’s lack of blocking ability shouldn’t be held against him as much as it is.

Charley Woerner – TE

Watching highlights of the Vanderbilt game, one thing stood out, Charlie Woerner is much better in the open field than anyone realizes. He made two catches in that game across the middle for 42 yards. On both plays, he nearly broke a tackle that would have turned his catches from good plays into great plays. And remember the Missouri game last year. He hurdled a defender on a 50-yard play. Woerner finished that game with 66 receiving yards.

Isaac Nauta is finally being worked into offense more, hopefully Woerner is next. Being a tight end, his athleticism gets underestimated. But he’s a tremendous athlete. He’s faster and much more agile than people give him credit for.

Jim Cheney should add some more mesh or other crossing routes to the playbook to get Woerner open. Then the college football world will find out how dangerous he can be. Woerner might be the best kept secret in college football.

James Cook – RB

It’s time to unleash James Cook. I get he’s undersized and probably doesn’t block as well as D’Andre Swift or Elijah Holyfield, but Georgia can find ways to use Cook. He has the potential to be one of the more dangerous ball carriers in the SEC.

And if Cook gets going, that means Swift, Holyfield and Brian Herrien don’t need to be used as often, keeping them fresh for late season games with Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, and whoever the Dawgs play in the postseason.

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This Georgia offense has lot of weapons, and honestly, it doesn’t seem like anyone is getting as many touches as they deserve. It’s difficult to spread the ball out to the amount of talented, diverse, athletes that the Dawgs have. That just makes Georgia’s offense much tougher to defend.