Georgia Football: how does LSU view todays game?

ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 03: (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 03: (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

When Georgia Football take the field in Death Valley, they will face their toughest game so far this year. We touch base with our LSU sister site to find out how they view todays matchup:

Do this years Tigers have real playoff expectations?

When you play in the SEC, have a great schedule left, and a talented football team… of course you have expectations. LSU fans are some of the highest expecting fans, maybe in the country, and that is built from years and years of traditional success. This year, more than most years, seems to be a team that a lot of fans feel like is legit, and that makes the expectations this year heavier than any in the last 5 years.

How important is the win for LSU after last week?

I think regardless of what happened last week, this might have been the biggest game for the Tigers all season long. Then once you figure the loss last week into the equation, it amplifies that exponentially. This game is practically a playoff eliminator for us and that isn’t something fans expected this early in the year. If we win, then suddenly everyone forgets about the loss to Florida.

Key players:

For the Tigers it all relies on the offense. The defense has played well all season and ultimately aren’t going to do anything crazy and unexpected. The offense on the other hand has been shaky at times. If Joe Burrow can have a good game throwing the ball and if both backs, Nick Brossette in particular, can have a 100 yard performance, then this game might shock some people.

For Georgia, Jake Fromm is the guy I’m looking at. It’s hard to imagine that the two teams that are known for running the ball all game long are going to have to rely on their QB play to win this one, but I think it’s the truth. If Fromm can get past Greedy Williams and that front 7, then things might not look good by halftime. It’ll be about keeping the Tigers defense guessing and using the passing game to really stretch the field.

Chances of LSU upsetting Bama this year?

Bama looks pretty unstoppable, but the game is in Death Valley. Being a night game at Tiger Stadium always give you a chance, and I think that that game will come down to the wire. The team matchups well with the entire conference, so I don’t see them getting blown out, it’ll just be about how they close games. If they can find a way to hang around late, they can pull it off.

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Score prediction: 31-28 Tigers.

This score prediction was made as a true sports fan. I really took the Tiger love out of it and looked at it as just someone who loves football. I think the Tigers know what this game means for their season, the fan base, and championships hopes. Georgia brings in a young team and one that hasn’t been tested at all this season. I really think it’ll be a great game, one that goes to overtime… but The Valley will shake and the Tigers will win on a Georgia missed field goal.