Georgia football: how UGA can improve the Sanford Stadium experience in 2019

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(Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images) /

Georgia football’s home Sanford Stadium saw many improvements in 2018, but there are still areas that need improvement.

Sanford Stadium, home of the Georgia football team, is one of the greatest stadiums in America with its history, viewing angles, quality play on the field and passionate fan base. There’s nothing like watching the Dawgs play between the hedges. But there are numerous ways to improve the experience and here are three that come to mind.

Stop doing the karaoke cam after opposing touchdowns

I have nothing against things like the karaoke cam during games. Especially during long and boring television timeouts. But why on earth would you have the karaoke cam after the opponents score a touchdown or force a turnover. No devoted Georgia fan is in the mood to sing along with Luke Bryan or Twisted Sister after watching the Tennessee Volunteers celebrate a touchdown. Save it for after Georgia scores. Don’t even have the karaoke cam at all if the team is getting beat badly.

Faster lines in the corridors

I have never been less satisfied with a game at Sanford Stadium than I was at the first game of the season. And I know I’m not alone because thousands of people missed the opening kickoff because the lines inside the stadium’s southside corridor was backed up almost to gate six. That’s unacceptable for a stadium like Sanford and a program like Georgia’s. The issue was never that severe again all year, but it wasn’t great either. Hopefully the university diagnosed the issue and can properly fix it before the 2019 season.

TV screens or radios in the restrooms

This one seems like a no-brainer, and yet we still don’t have screens or at least a radio broadcast in the restrooms. I know most people wait until halftime to go to the restroom, and if you go at the right time during the game, you may get in-and-out before play resumes. But there are still times where the restroom will take you away from the action. It’s time to remedy that issue. We already have TV’s at the concession stands allowing people to watch the game live. Why not add a screen or two in every restroom?

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Did you attend a game at Sanford Stadium this year? What changes did you notice that you felt were welcome? What changes were made that you didn’t like. And what issues have persisted through the years that you wish the school would finally address. List them in the comment section, on our Facebook page or on Twitter and your comments may be featured in an upcoming story on Dawn of the Dawg.