Georgia football: Sugar Bowl is all about Jake Fromm

Georgia football is likely to lose Justin Fields shortly after the game against Texas tomorrow which is why the Sugar Bowl is all about Jake Fromm for UGA.

I’ve held back a lot when it comes to writing about Justin Fields since it’s been revealed that he’s planning to transfer. A lot of that centers around the fact that right now, we don’t know that is actually going to happen. I don’t want to be one of those guys who has to walk back on their opinion 2 weeks later if he suddenly changes his mind. What I will say is that Fields’ decision to leave hurts Georgia football. Fortunately, the team has another QB who might very well benefit.

Jake Fromm was awesome this season. If Fields chooses to leave then the main reason is that he’s not beating out Fromm. Against Alabama, Fromm was fantastic, putting up over 300 yards and 3TD’s against a defense that dominated the Heisman trophy winner just a few days ago. yes, Fromm had one bad game against LSU, but other than that, he took a step forward in his sophomore season and looks like one of the best QB’s in the country right now.

I’m sure a lot of UGA fans don’t want to see Justin Fields on the field against Texas. I understand that and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to see him play either. If he wants out then that’s totally fine, but then let’s hand the keys fully over to the guy that beat him out and never once seemed to think about quitting on his team.

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Texas’ defense isn’t exactly great and I’m really excited to see what Fromm and this team can do against it. Building momentum for a 2019 season that Georgia fans are already excited for is important and that’s why I want to see a team leader getting the reps, rather than a player who’s not going to be here.

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