Georgia football: who is Tank Bigsby, no. 1 Peach State running back

Georgia football tries to bring in the best running backs every year. The best back in the state of Georgia certainly looks like a future superstar.

Georgia football is “Running Back U.” You didn’t need me to tell you that. The best running back prospects each year always have the Bulldogs on their short list, even more so now that Georgia has seen four backs go over 1,000 yards in the last three seasons.

So whenever there’s a highly sought after running back within the Peach State’s borders, you know the Bulldogs are going to be the favorites to sign him. This year’s standout rusher in the state of Georgia is Cartavious “Tank” Bigsby of Callaway High School in Hogansville, Ga. But who is Bigsby? Why is the best back in Georgia? And does he live up to his nickname?

First off, I wouldn’t say his game matches his nickname. That’s not a bad thing at all though. Bigsby is an all-around, do-it-all running back much like Sony Michel or D’Andre Swift. In my mind, running backs with the nickname “Tank” are more Nick Chubb-like in their play style. Bigsby certainly has some power, he’s not a guy who’s shy when it comes to contact. He can lower his shoulder to truck smaller defenders, and when his momentum is going, it takes a powerful defenders to bring him down quickly.

Speed and acceleration are what most people will notice when they see Tank Bigsby run. Give him a hole, he bursts through it with urgency. And when he gets into the open field, defenders better have the angle on him because it’ll take a guy with special speed to catch him.

Another positive for him when it comes to being one of our prospects, he already runs our style of offense. Callaway runs a pro-style rushing offense. They use the I-formation, single-back, offset shotguns and pistol sets. Calloway does everything in the run game that Georgia does. He should be very comfortable in Georgia’s offense.

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As for where he can improve, like most high school players, he can stand to bulk up. He’s 6-0, 190 pounds according to his 247Sports profile. He’s ranked no. 41 in the America by 247Sports Composite, no. 5 in the Peach State and no. 7 out of all running backs. According to the scouts, his game doesn’t need too much polish, though I noticed in his junior year highlights, he occasionally stands too vertical near the line of scrimmage. Though, that’s just nitpicking. He’ll certainly clean that up with good coaching.

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