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After talking with some friends this week about our favorite Georgia football memory, I reached out to the writers at Dawn of the Dawg for theirs. Take a look at our favorite memories and send us yours in the comments.

If you have been a Georgia football fan all your life like us at Dawn of the Dawg, then you know how hard it is to pick a single moment as your most memorable memory.

The writers at Dawn of the Dawg Jonathan Williams, Alistar Penny, Quincy Jean-Louis, Davis Kimball, along with myself fill in on our favorite memories as Georgia fans. Instead of leading you into all the stories, I think I should just let the stories tell themselves. Enjoy!

Jonathan William’s Favorite Memory

The day of the Rose Bowl is by far my favorite. I have grown up a Georgia football fan my whole life, and my Dad has been as well.

He always tells me the stories about when he had season tickets to watch Georgia go all the way to the Sugar Bowl and win a national championship with Herschel Walker. Dad always told me he wanted to share those same moments with me.

2017 comes around, and our usual crowd of rowdy Dawgs comes over to watch the Rose Bowl rooting for our Dawgs to watch them make it back to the big stage hopefully. The moment Sony Michel crossed the goal line to send the Dawgs to the College Football Championship game was the greatest moment.

We were throwing stuff jumping and hollering, and our neighbors were screaming back ‘Go Dawgs’ at us!! I found my Dad, and he looked at me and said, “Son we finally did it! You and I finally get to watch our Dawgs play for a National Championship!”

Georgia football isn’t just something I love, but it’s something that brings everyone together. That Rose Bowl victory was a night I will never forget and is something that years from now we will look back on and say “that was the moment that changed Georgia football.”

Qunicy Jean-Louis Favorite Memory:

My favorite Georgia memory is attending to 2006 Chick-Fil-A bowl in Atlanta against Virginia Tech with my dad.

It was my first ever Georgia game. I was blown away by the sheer number of Dawg fans in attendance compared to Virginia Tech fans. It was a sea of red throughout the concourses, and all you could hear was people barking and calling the dawgs.

When they ran out of the tunnel, the building erupted. When Georgia was amid their comeback, the dome was shaking. I’d never heard the Georgia Dome that loud before, and that was when I truly fell in love with the Dawgs.

Davis Kimball’s Favorite Memory:

My favorite Georgia football memory that I’ve witnessed was seeing Nick Chubb return to football against North Carolina in 2016 after suffering a gruesome knee injury in 2015.

My dad and I seemed to both hold our breath every time Chubb touched the ball against the Tar Heels, wondering if he had rushed his return to action or if a low tackle could hurt him again. As he absolutely torched UNC’s defense for 222 rushing yards and two touchdowns, we were almost brought to tears to see a great football player, and an even better person, go through so much pain and adversity and still come out on top.

Nick Chubb is the definition of a #DGD.

Alistar Penny’s Favorite Memory

There has been no game in all of my years as a Georgia fan that felt as good as the 2018 Rose Bowl.

Georiga was playing in the college football playoff for the first time and had an incredible team. That group was loaded with players that were so easy to root for. Roquan Smith remains the best defensive player I have ever seen in the red and black. Lorenzo Carter and Isaiah Wynn were unbelievable senior leaders and Nick Chubb, and Sony Michel will go down in history for Dawg fans.

What a team, but more importantly, WHAT. A. GAME. I have never been through the range of emotions that I went through that day. From abject dejection as the first half spiraled out of control to blind hope as the Dawgs began to fight back.

I can still remember the Roquan Smith hit on third down that held the Sooners to a field goal; the Lorenzo Carter blocked field goal and of course, the Sony Michel touchdown run that sent the Dawgs to the championship game.

Lastly, all of those moments gave me perhaps my favorite memory ever from a sporting game. It’s the one time that I gave in to the elation of victory and found myself in a bar in Washington DC running around tables trying to high five people. As a Brit, that’s pretty much the most American thing I’ve ever done, and it was glorious.

Savannah Leigh’s Favorite Memory

I’m going to step away from recent years and go back to the 2007 Georgia vs. Auburn game. Yes, the first EVER ‘blackout’ game.

I can remember the hype that surrounded that game when head coach Mark Richt announced that he wanted all the fans to wear black. Well, Dawg Nation answered him and went above and beyond to wear black. They sold shirts; I still have mine from that game.

It was a perfect game for a blackout too — a night game in Sanford Stadium for the South’s Oldest Rivalry. That was one of the loudest games I have ever been to and one that I lost my voice for three days after the game.

When those players came out to warm up and had red on, I could feel the disappointment in the atmosphere. Why were we asked to wear black if they’re just going to wear red jerseys? I got even more disappointed when the kickers/captains came out in the red jerseys with the minutes ticking away on the clock.

As the Redcoat band formed and the huge ‘G’ banner rose, I noticed that the team wasn’t crowding around right outside the banner. No, they were under the stands in the concourse. When the Red coat band hit that note, you know the one that sends them through the ‘G,’ all 92,745 fans looked, and that place went wild.

Here came the Georgia Bulldogs in black jerseys and that moment still gives me chills. I have chills as I write it. I knew at that moment this game was going to be one of the best games I had ever seen. To this day it is my most memorable moment as a Georgia football fan.

It probably has to do with Georgia whooping Auburn in that game as well, but the atmosphere of that night will forever go down as one of the greatest modern moments in Georgia history. I just wish they would wear them now.

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Now It’s Your Turn

Georgia fans as you read this article, I want you to think of your favorite memory as a Georgia fan. The one moment you knew that you loved the Dawgs. We want to read it. Whether it’s in the facebook comments, replying to the tweet, or even commenting on this article, we want to know your favorite memory. Who knows it may end up on an article sooner than later.