Georgia Football: Top 5 tight ends since 2000

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Georgia Football
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Georgia football has had some talented tight ends over the years, and we wanted to break down the top five best tight ends since 2000.

One of the positions that I feel like gets overlooked with Georgia football is its tight ends.

Since I can remember, there has always been a big-bodied tight end that came in clutch for the Dawgs. Now the older I get, the less my tight ends get used, but I feel like, with James Coley in charge of the offense, that will change in 2019.

My favorite position on the field is the tight end. They’re my favorite because they’re one of the most versatile players. Tight ends have to block huge SEC size defensive linemen than they also have to run good routes, catch the ball and hold onto it.

Most tight ends are big enough to be linebackers, and that makes them a mismatch for most defenders. They’re pure athletes, and it impresses me to see how light on their feet they can be or how quickly they can layout a block for the running back. Tight ends do it all, and I respect that.

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I decided to look at the tight ends from 2000 and on, but there is one exception with No. 5 on the list because he played in 1999 as well. This period seemed the best fit because I  remember watching these guys play on the field.

This group of tight ends is why I  love the position and why I’m a sports journalist, well one of the reasons.

Since 2000, Georgia has had nine different starting tight ends. The tight ends I  took into consideration for this list are Randy McMichael, Ben Watson, Leonard Pople, Martrez Milner, Aaron White, Jeb Blazevich, Tripp Chandler, Orson Charles, Arthur Lynch, and Isaac Nauta.

Those are nine extremely talented guys that wore the red and black. I  only had five slots, so my honorable mentions are Milner, White, and Lynch.

These three guys were on the cusp of making it, but I  felt more of a connection to the ones I chose, and I  feel like they were more beneficial to Georgia’s success while they were playing.

I rank these players based on stats, how significant they were during their time at Georgia, and how memorable they are. When you think of top-ranked anything, I feel like what you’re ranking should be memorable, and that’s how I made my choice.

Here are my top five tight ends in Georgia football’s history since the turn of the century.