Jake Fromm turns ugly Georgia football performance beautiful

Jake Fromm is doing his finest work with an ugly Georgia football offense.

Saturday night, Notre Dame chose to harass the Georgia football offense at the line of scrimmage and let the talented Irish corners defend any attack by air.

Facing an eight-man front, Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm immediately began the process of searching, poking, and probing a Notre Dame secondary that rarely allowed the spectacular lights of Sanford Stadium to twinkle between it and the Georgia wide receivers.

Fromm completed 11 passes in the first half, but for only 57 yards, during his study of the Notre Dame pass defense.

At the same time, he patiently aligned the Georgia running game, operating a balanced attack that eventually gave the Dawgs 152 yards rushing and 187 yards passing for the game.

Cager match-up

Fromm’s tactics eventually gained the advantage for the wounded Georgia offensive.

Tag team tailbacks D’Andre Swift and Brian Herrien finally ran loose in the middle of the field, and Fromm chose his aerial target.

With the Notre Dame secondary dominating in competitive plays, it took the first half and a good portion of the third quarter for the Dawgs winning match-up against the Irish defensive backs to reveal itself when Fromm dispatched Lawrence Cager outside the hash marks to battle the splendid Notre Dame cornerbacks.

Cager ended the game with five catches for 82 yards and the touchdown Georgia needed to win. His play, with that of Rodrigo Blankenship, was the difference in the game.

Ugly transformed

Despite Georgia’s 16 second-half points, it was an ugly game from start to finish. Fromm and Georgia don’t mind. It’s Georgia football’s big uglies on offense that will carry this team to the promised land of the SEC Championship and beyond.

This 2019 Georgia football offense must grind, probe and poke until a Dawg wide receiver or two can come down with the ball in competitive plays and create separation with the quality cornerbacks in the SEC.

A perfect match

Jake Fromm is the ideal quarterback for this team. He can crack any defensive code. He believes in his players. He has the skill to put the ball in the right place with the right man – on the ground or in the air. Unflappable and persistent, the Dawgs can count on him to never throw out of impatience throughout the tedious process of discovery.

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The process is ugly, but on this night, the result was Georgia nearly doubling its first-half yardage of 114 yards to 225 in the second half, a very pretty statistic.