Georgia football’s light show more duping of Alabama

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Tide fans accuse Georgia football of high crime – stealing LED light secrets. The Dawgs will never be convicted.

More than a few Alabama supporters cried foul when Georgia football’s new LED light system dazzled the nation Saturday night.

The reason, of course, is that Georgia stole Alabama’s fancy light idea with a high-tech heist of epic design.

Georgia then apparently conned Alabama football into early season miss-matches. After scamming the Tide out of its CBS night game birthright,  Georgia used the high-profile opportunity to premier the hijacked light show.

When viewed through crimson colored eyeglasses, the dastardly deed is just one of many Georgia thefts.

It all started with a simple pick-pocketing in broad daylight.

Stealing from the Bear

In 1965, the Georgia football team opened the college season hosting 1964 and eventual 1965 SEC and National Champion Alabama.

There would be only one way Georgia could defeat the juggernaut Crimson Tide – with a broad daylight pick-pocketing,

Just ask any Alabama football fan, and they will tell you that’s just what the Georgia football team did.

With 2:09 on the game clock, Georgia trailed Alabama by seven points. Kirby Moore, the inside man from Dothan, Alabama,  passed to Pat Hodgson for a completion, and Hodgson’s knee hit the ground.

However, Hodgson artfully passed the ball back to Georgia’s Bob Taylor without the referee noticing the deception.

After the switch, wheelman Taylor carried the goods to the endzone, completing the caper and scoring a touchdown.

Emboldened by the scheme’s success, the scoundrel Vince Dooley, late of that den of thieves on The Plains at Auburn, called for a two-point conversion attempt. The attempt was successful, and Georgia won 18 – 17.

The Dawgs stole the game, but even with over 40,000 eyewitnesses and millions more watching on TV, no jury of college football peers ever voted to convict.

Crime Dawg returns

After the 2015 season, Georgia football fans looked to Tuscaloosa as the model for Georgia football. University of Georgia President Jere Morehead then plotted an impeachable offense – theft of intellectual property.

Georgia stole Kirby Smart away from Alabama before the 2016 season. After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, unless you can’t stand ‘em, then steal from ’em.

Maybe it was more of a copy cat move than outright theft, and Crimson Tide fanatics will tell you the luring of Kirby Smart to Athens was not the crime of the century. According to these conspiratorial gurus, the crime of the century was Kirby Smart’s outright theft of every memo, report, notation,  photo, video, thumb drive, and half the whiteboards in the Alabama Football bunker.

Maybe not.

If Tide fans put aside the conspiracy theories and simply look for the crime in plain sight, the greatest theft will flip them out.

The flip of Jake Fromm

Jake Fromm committed to play football for the University of Alabama before Kirby Smart flipped him to the Dawgs. The truth is, Jake Fromm really wanted to play quarterback for the University of Georgia all along. It just took the hiring of Kirby Smart to make it happen.

Of course, the salvation of an innocent soul is hardly a crime, but if it was, it was probably the easiest of Georgia’s crimes against  Human-Tide to pull off.

Next. Tyrique McGhee shines as next man up. dark

Georgia football with Kirby Smart hasn’t beaten the Tide yet, but Jake Fromm has brought glory to Georgia football it would never have enjoyed.

Thanks, Tide fans. And keep hold of your wallet.