Georgia football: What might happen if the 2020 season is canceled

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Georgia football

ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 08: (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit said he would be shocked if the football season begins. What’ll happen this fall without Georgia football?

Summer and fall without football? Is that even possible? According to ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit and many more media personalities paying close attention to the COVID-19 outbreak, there might not be any football in 2020.

For most Division I colleges with football teams, this will be their first season without football in decades. Some programs suspended their programs during World War II. Other programs, Georgia football included, haven’t suspended play since World War I.

What does this mean for Georgia football in 2020? Will the cancellation of football only affect this season, or will the effects last beyond 2020? There are so many questions that deserve deeper analysis. Starting with…

Current players and their eligibility.

This one might be easy to explain given the NCAA doesn’t do anything screwy. The NCAA has already made clear it’s open to granting “eligibility relief” for spring sports athletes. Though the NCAA is still working on the details, expect seniors to be able to return for another senior year in 2021. Whether juniors, sophomores and freshmen are given a year back remains to be seen.

If the sports delay lasts through college football season, surely the NCAA would stretch the “eligibility relief” to include fall sports athletes. This would be good news for Georgia football because it would be a shame to lose Monty Rice’s or Richard LeCounte’s seniors years.

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