Georgia football: Why Sanford Stadium is the best stadium in the SEC

At 90 years old, Sanford Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in the SEC. The home of Georgia football has grown as the university as grown around it.

There just isn’t anything better than a Saturday in Athens watching Georgia football from inside Sanford Stadium.

The Bulldogs have called Sanford Stadium home for over 90 years. The stadium has gone through many renovations and additions over the years, and each has vastly improved the experience inside and out in unique ways.

In nine decades, Sanford Stadium has grown from a small stadium in the middle of campus to the best football venue in the SEC. Here are some of the aspects that create the wonderful Sanford Stadium experience.

Abundance of entrances

One of the best aspects of Sanford Stadium is how easy it is to enter the stadium at most areas. Sanford Stadium has 14 gates allowing fans to quickly get from the gate to their seat. None of the gates are difficult to get to either and are all close to either street (East Campus Rd. or Sanford Dr.) or to the tailgating areas at Reed Plaza or the Tate Center.

The stadium fits on campus

Sanford Stadium doesn’t stand out like an eyesore on the University of Georgia campus. The stadium is nestled perfectly between surrounding university buildings as if it’s just another building on campus. Which leads to the next point…

The open west end zone

Many schools would have closed in both of its stadium end zones by now, but most schools don’t have buildings as beautiful as the University of Georgia. Depending on where and how high your seat is, Sanford Stadium offers a great view of several university buildings including the UGA Learning Center, Grady College and the Biological Sciences building. The open end zone also gives people a view inside Sanford Stadium on non-game days.

Georgia football fans

It’s no secret that Georgia football has some of the best fans in the nation. They have proven time-and-time again, whether it’s by taking over opposing stadiums or making so much noise inside Sanford Stadium that opponents have to burn a time out.

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The atmosphere inside Sanford Stadium is second to none. Without the fans, Sanford Stadium is just a beautiful piece of college architecture. With 90,000-plus loud and proud Georgia football fans, Sanford Stadium becomes one of the best athletic venues on the planet.

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