SEC football: Questions every championship contender needs to answer in 2020

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SEC football
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Several SEC football teams enter the 2020 season fixated on the SEC Championship, a spot in the playoffs and a possible National Championship.

Every year, it’s a failry safe bet that an SEC football team will play in the national championship game in 2021.

The last time an SEC team didn’t play for a national title was 2014, and the last time before that was 2005. In fact, an SEC squad has won a national championship in 14 of the last 28 seasons. It’s safe to say the SEC is the dominant conference in college football. Even the introduction of the four-team playoff hasn’t slowed down the SEC’s dominance

This year, there are several SEC teams with realistic shots of winning a national championship. Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Florida and Auburn all have talented rosters, solid leadership and fantastic coaching staffs. Each of them look the part of a champion, but can they play the part?

History isn’t going to reserve one of them a slot in the playoffs. Truth be told, there are serious questions each of those teams must answer on the field before they can even think about winning championships. Failure to answer those questions will result in that teams’ disappointment.

Here are the questions Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Florida and Auburn must answer through their performances in 2020 in order to compete for a national title.