Georgia football: Mark Webb must help stop Kyle Pitts

Mark WebbBrett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports
Mark WebbBrett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports /

Georgia football’s defense must stop Kyle Pitts to beat Florida.

Kyle Pitts is the Florida gators offensive Super Man. Georgia football must find his kryptonite in order to stop the Gators. To do this, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart will turn early and often to Pitts’ former high school teammate, defensive back Mark Webb.

Webb gets about 30 snaps a game as Georgia football’s Nickelback. His tackling grades are second only to safety Lewis Cine, and he grabbed his first career interception against Auburn. Now, the blue-collar defensive back must slap his name on the Georgia football marquee.

Does Webb have the ability to be Pitts’ kryptonite? Maybe. He does know Pitts better than anyone else on the team.

School days

Webb and Pitts grew up and trained together as Webb told They became teammates after Pitts transferred to Archbishop Wood Academy in Warminster, PA before his senior year. The pair led the team in receiving and were also the top two defenders. Webb has been amazed by Pitts’ progression since high school as back in those days he couldn’t catch anything.

Georgia football’s next man up

The task won’t be Webb’s alone. LeCounte’s replacement at safety, junior Christopher Smith, will be quickly found by head Gator Dan Mullen and forced to defend Pitts.

At 5’11” 180 pounds, the Georgia football defensive staff would like a bigger defender on Pitts. Smith does have legit speed, having run 10.7 seconds in the 100 meters at Hapeville Charter High School. He’s got attitude, too. His head coach at Hapeville Charter High School described Smith as “fearless.”

Plenty of work for all

Smith will need to be fearless, as will Webb and every other Georgia football defender. Pitts’ All-World effectiveness stems from his versatility and makes him that much tougher to stop.

Everyone in Georgia’s secondary will likely get a shot at stopping the Gators’ Superman, but Smart will scheme to give Webb the most shots. If the Dawgs beat the Gators, it will have to be Webb that earns the game ball. With Richard LeCounte out and his running mate at safety, Cine, at best limited, Georgia football fans will hang their optimism on any hope Webb can give them.