Georgia Football: Leonard Floyd sacks the Seahawks

Former Georgia football linebacker Leonard Floyd has owned Seattle this season.

Leonard Floyd is having the best season of his career. The former Georgia football linebacker has a combined 55 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks, and a combined 19 quarterback hits. In short, Floyd has been unblockable this year and showing every bit of the reasons he was a first-round pick, even if Chicago gave up on him early.
One team that has really struggled to contain Floyd this season is the Seattle Seahawks. Against Russell Wilson’s team, Floyd combined for 12 tackles, four tackles for loss, five sacks, and seven total quarterback hits in the regular season. Floyd was absolutely dominant against the Los Angelos Ram’s division rivals.
Floyd continued that dominance Saturday evening in the Rams’ Wildcard matchup with the Seahawks. He combined for eight tackles, two tackles for loss, two sacks, and four total quarterback hits. Floyd had Wilson running for his life the entire game. No doubt Wilson was having nightmares about Floyd last night when he was finally able to get to sleep.
This is nothing Georgia football fans have not seen before. Floyd combined for 182 tackles, 26.5 tackles for loss, and 17 sacks in three years at the University of Georgia. While at Georgia Floyd regularly terrorized opposing quarterbacks. One reason for this is Floyd’s first step. He is so quick off the line he looks like a blur around the corner.
Hopefully, Floyd can continue his dominance of offensive tackles and opposing quarterbacks as the Rams seek to go even further in the NFL Playoffs. One thing is for certain, no offensive coordinator wants to scheme against him right now, and opposing quarterbacks certainly don’t want to look across the line of scrimmage and see him staring them down.
Floyd’s breakout season is another reminder to those that give up on young players in the NFL too early. Some players take longer than others to develop. Don’t give up on a kid too soon or another team may just reap the benefits you were too impatient to wait for. Which is exactly what the Rams are doing right now.