Georgia Football: George Pickens and the Death of a Season

Does George Pickens’ injury spell d-o-o-m for Georgia football’s season?

In a sudden turn of events, Georgia’s 2021 season and national championship hopes died early this morning shortly before noon. The shocking announcement of George Pickens tearing his ACL in practice yesterday blasted across social media, breaking the hearts of Georgia football fans across the nation.

In a cruel stroke, the hand of fate has once again chosen to shred their dreams in heart-wrenching fashion, stripping them of hope and their top wide receiver – the only one capable of saving them from the championship drought that has plagued them for decades. George Pickens was their one and only hope for ending the drought and restoring peace and happiness to their parched hearts.

Instead, weeping and gnashing of teeth ensued as Bulldog’s fans’ hopes evaporated and their

souls were crushed and driven into the ground once again. Screams of “We’re cursed!” filled the air of Twitter as the dark clouds of despair rolled in showering Bulldog Nation with hopelessness while tears of sorrow poured down their face. Accompanied once again by their faithful companion Pain, Georgia fans are currently mourning the loss of another season without a shot at that desperately coveted national championship trophy. The Red and Black Catching Machine, the One-Handed Wonder, the Savior of Georgia football is gone and the season and natty are dead.

Georgia football’s 2021 season is survived by Kearis Jackson, Jermaine Burton, Arian Smith, Dominick Blaylock, Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, Demetris Robertson, J.T. Daniels, as well as several good tight ends, multiple powerful running backs, and a killer defense.

Wait! Is that right? I guess the season isn’t dead after all. George Pickens is not replaceable. He is George Pickens after all. But, this team is loaded with enough talent to win any game with or without him. So cancel your condolences and put some red back on with your black. Georgia’s not going anywhere.