Georgia Football: Could Sanford Stadium be full this fall?

Sanford Stadium (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Sanford Stadium (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Could Georgia football see sellout crowds this fall? If Governor Brian Kemp has anything to say about it they might. He has signed three executive orders rolling back COVID-19 restrictions. One will roll back restrictions on public gatherings that will take effect on April 8th and last through April 30th. This means restaurants, bars, and other public places will no longer face a limit of how many people they can have inside their establishment.

Another one will change the restrictions on the space that people have to stay apart based on the establishment.

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  • Movie theatres three feet
  • Bars three and a half feet
  • Fitness centers are staying at six feet

With vaccines being made available to everyone in Georgia, 16 years of age or older, it was just a matter of time before some of these restrictions got rolled back. People are ready to get back to normal and these vaccines are just the way to achieve that without the risk of spreading the virus. These vaccines are also the first step to getting stadiums back to full capacity

Speaking of which, Major League Baseball just kicked off its 2021 season. The Braves start off the season on the road, but will soon be back home in Truist Park. Here is what the Braves had to say about the capacity at Truist Park this season.

Here is the Braves full statement about opening up capacity this season on the their website:

"“After reviewing our seating pods, we feel expanding capacity to 50% will still allow for our fans to be safely distanced from other seating pods,” said Derek Schiller, President and CEO of the Braves. “As we previously mentioned we will review seating and make any necessary changes as the season progresses.”"

So how does all of this affect Georgia football and Sanford Stadium in 2021?

By the time September gets here, Georgians would have had five months to get the full dose of any of the multiple vaccines available. Health experts are saying it only takes two weeks after getting the full dose for full inoculation against the virus to be complete. That is plenty of time for Georgia football to get the all-clear to open up Sanford Stadium to full capacity starting September 11th.

There is absolutely no reason not to believe that 93,000 Georgia football fans will be Calling the Dawgs before Georgia’s matchup with UAB on September 11th. It’s time to get back to full capacity. It is time to sellout Sanford Stadium again. It’s time to show up and be loud once again. Most of all, it’s time to remind college football who the best fans in the nation are again.

Let the best two words in the English language be yelled at the top of 93,000 voices again.


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