Georgia Football: JT Daniels becoming lead Dawg

JT Daniels Joshua L. Jones-USA TODAY NETWORK
JT Daniels Joshua L. Jones-USA TODAY NETWORK /

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Leadership is an underrated part of the makeup of a winning team. Georgia football has had many leaders who have stepped up in years past. From Shawn Williams to Nick Chubb, vocal leaders have always been at the forefront of every successful season for the Bulldogs. That will continue to be the case in 2021 with new players stepping into increased leadership roles.

When it comes to leadership, there is no position on a football team where it means more than quarterback. They have got to be the coach on the field. They are the guy everyone is looking to in the huddle when things look their bleakest. They are the ones that are responsible for getting the right play called, making sure everyone lines up correctly, and making the correct pre-snap checks.

JT Daniels says he is becoming more of a vocal leader for Georgia Football.

Great news for Georgia football fans, JT Daniels is taking this new challenge head-on. He has been stepping it up as a team leader this offseason. He is holding all of his teammates accountable and expecting them to do the same for him. That is truly the sign of a true leader. Holding others accountable is easy, but only a true leader would want that to be a two-way street.

Here are a few things Daniels told reporters concerning his new leadership approach, via

"“I’ve put more effort into not just words of encouragement but trying to keep everyone focused on task if someone is not doing the right thing. And if I’m not doing the right thing, someone is going to tell me, and I’ve got to do the same thing and dish it out. But there’s just a lot of areas of leadership that I’ve really tried to take a step."

Daniels went on to add:

"“I think that since I’ve been here, I’ve always tried to take the approach of first leading by example, then once I think you earn a certain level of trust in your teammates, from them seeing how you work and knowing that you’re here for them, then you can start being more vocal and doing more things.”"

This is exactly what you want to be hearing from your quarterback going into what most believe to be a huge season for Georgia football. The fourth-year senior is showing that Todd Monken’s offense is in great hands this season and its pilot is ready to lead them to new heights. With Daniels pulling the trigger behind center this offense could be one of Georgia’s best ever.

There should be no doubt that Daniels has the right mindset to get Georgia where it wants to go in 2021. With this kind of leadership, it is absolutely possible for the Bulldogs to make it back to the SEC Championship and even a possible trip to the College Football Playoffs. In Daniels and Monken we trust. Go Dawgs.

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