Georgia Football’s defense sends timely message in consecutive shutouts

Nakobe Dean. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Nakobe Dean. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

For the first time since 1980, Georgia football delivered back-to-back shutouts against SEC opponents as the Dawgs manhandled No. 8 Arkansas 37-0.

If that statistic doesn’t tell you how special this team is, I’m not sure how they can make you happy. Georgia’s defense is the best in the country, no matter what opponents try to do against them. Through five games, the Dawgs give up on average 4.6 points a game, 70.6 rushing yards, 110 passing yards and 180.6 total yards.

In this week’s game against Arkansas, the Hogs finished with 162 total yards, but 60 of them came in the game’s final drive when Georgia’s third-string rotation was in the game on defense.

On the ground, the Hogs finished with 75 yards averaging 2.6 yards a touch. Through the air, Georgia held Arkansas to just 87 yards as KJ Jefferson went 10-of-16.

The Dawgs allowed 3-of-12 third-down conversions and forced eight punts. One of those punts ended in disaster for the Hogs as Dan Jackson blocked the punt allowing Zamir White to fall on it in the endzone and score the Dawgs’ third touchdown of the first quarter.

Georgia made it a point to punch Arkansas in the mouth early, and they continued to bully them throughout the game. Arkansas got sloppy on offense and had at least five false starts among their 13 total penalties.

The Dawgs haven’t given up a touchdown for the second straight week and four of the five games. In five games, Georgia has scored 205 points while their opponents have scored just 16. The Dawgs are elite, and that is the best way to describe them. So far, South Carolina is the only team to get into Georgia’s endzone, and it was luck that they did.

Devonte Wyatt led the Dawgs with six tackles, including 1.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and one forced fumble.

As a whole, the Dawgs finished with four sacks and seven tackles for loss. They brought havoc to Sanford Stadium, and with the crowd acting like it was a 7:30 p.m. kickoff, all the momentum sat with Georgia.

Nakobe Dean is a general and the evil mastermind on the field as he dictates when Georgia does that impressive line shuffle that causes so many offensive lines to flinch. He knows when to call it and is so intelligent. Dean led the team with two sacks on the game, but he put his teammates in the correct positions to make those big plays.

Without Dean, this defense wouldn’t nearly be as special. However, this group plays like one, and that is why they’re elite. It’s not just one person or two, not even three people — it’s all 11 starters and the guys behind them.

They love each other and want to play for each other, which doesn’t happen much anymore. College football has become such a selfish sport, so the fact this group wants to play for each other and see each other succeed should prove why they are so good.

They wanted to prove a point to the rest of college football. After back-to-back shutouts from this group, they mean business and want to be so dominant they will do whatever it takes. They are not to be messed with, and it’ll take a special kind of offense to beat them.

So far, they haven’t met an opponent to challenge them outside Clemson, but they’ve grown so much since Game 1. It’s just incredible to witness. This group is unique, and that is the only want to describe them.

They want to win it all so bad, and instead of buying into the hype and chatter surrounding them, Georgia’s defense holds their head down and keeps working because they know humility is just a week away from happening. I  doubt they will let the talk seep into their heads this year because too much is on the line, and they want to prove everyone wrong.

Back-to-back shutouts in the SEC aren’t something that happens often. Regardless of what teams it is, holding two teams out of the endzone is an incredible feat.

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Georgia needed another statement win because many people thought Arkansas would come into Athens and send a message. With beating Texas and Texas A&M, it wouldn’t have surprised me if they did, but instead, the Dawgs sent one and made the Hogs quit. Arkansas got taken out back and showed what it’s like to play with the big boys of the SEC.