Georgia Football: RJ Young puts Dawgs in tier of their own

The No.1 ranking comes with a lot of media attention, and Georgia football is already seeing it. The Dawgs have put together six straight dominant wins, and up until last week, Alabama was right there with them.

Well, Texas A&M took down the Tide in glorious fashion, leaving the Dawgs to claim the No.1 spot.  The last time Georgia unanimously ranked this high was 1982. They ranked No.1 preseason in 2008, but it was short-lived.

Even though being No. 1 in the middle of October is something Georgia isn’t familiar with, it’s deserving. Georgia has shown there aren’t many weaknesses on this team. Despite having an injury list full of stars, no one has even really challenged the Dawgs.

Kentucky may find a way to do so on Saturday, but for now, Georgia is honestly the best team in the country, and finally, others outside the fans agree.

Each week, RJ Young, a college football writer and analyst for Fox Sports, releases the college football tiers that feature teams in different classes ranging from tier one to four.

After Georgia demolished Arkansas, Young moved them from Tier 2 to the top tier with Alabama.

Now the Dawgs sit in Tier 1 alone like the kings they are.

Young has officially put Georgia in a class of their own, and Georgia fans should be excited.

For so long, people doubt the Dawgs, and even though they’ve dominated each week, it took Alabama falling to Texas A&M for them to be by themselves. Things happen for a reason, but if it means Georgia is finally getting some credit for being good — we will take it.

Georgia averages 39.83 points a game and holds opponents to 5.5 points at this point in the season. The Dawgs outscored opponents through Week 6 239-33. Georgia’s defense has given up just two touchdowns all season, and despite having an overload of injuries, the offense hasn’t skipped a beat.

No one looks as strong as Georgia, and the gap between the rest of the top-25 widens each week. Young is just one of the first reporters to give the Dawgs credit, and so far, the man has been correct.