Georgia football: 5 successful teams the Dawgs would beat today

Brock Bowers brings in the catch for a touchdown against the Kentucky Wildcats. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Brock Bowers brings in the catch for a touchdown against the Kentucky Wildcats. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Georgia Football
Desmond Ridder of the Cincinnati Bearcats hands the ball off to Jerome Ford. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

2: Cincinnati Bearcats

Who would have thought that last year’s Peach Bowl would feature the No.1 and No. 2 teams in the country seven weeks into the 2021 football season – no one had this on their bingo card.

Cincinnati continues to hold its own despite being out of the Power 5 conferences. They are one of the 11 undefeated teams, and they are a force on offense.

They average 37 points a game, 212.4 rushing, 238.6 passing, and 451 total offensive yards a game.

Desmond Ridder is a part of the Heisman Trophy race, and he can do it all, whether it’s with his feet or throwing arm. He already has 2,296 passing yards on 186 completions and 19 touchdowns. He is a great talent, and the Bearcats are lucky to have him.

Georgia would have a tough task defending this guy, the Bearcats gave the Dawgs a close game in January, and if this game were on the schedule, they would be ready for it.

Revenge would be what they want to serve, but tough news for Cincy, this team isn’t the same as it was in the bowl game. They are far more confident in themselves than they were back in January, which matters in these big ballgames.

However, while Georgia’s defense should hold their own, Cincy’s defense punched Georgia in the face. The Dawgs had just 45 rushing yards, but they made up for it with 404 passing yards.

Thankfully Jack Podlesney made that field goal, or Georgia fans would have never heard the end of it. However, both teams have matured since the Peach Bowl, and this would be the second-best game among the five listed.

While I think Cincinnati would give Georgia a test, the Dawgs’ depth would be one of the biggest advantages.

There are almost three full rotations on defense that can go and stop opposing offenses, so while Cincinnati thinks they would know how to beat Georgia the second time around, Kirby Smart would have a rude awakening for them.

Shut down, Ridder and the Dawgs win this thing quickly. While it’s great, they’re No.2 in the country. Their schedule may not hold enough weight in terms of playoff talk, which is unfortunate because they are a scrappy group that would challenge most of the Top-10 right now.

Even though Cincy has a Heisman-worthy quarterback, he cannot do it all. Georgia would find a way to shut him down or slow him down enough and win by three scores, let’s say 35-10.