CFP Rankings finally look correct after Georgia Football at No.1

Georgia football remains the No.1 team in the latest CFP rankings released on Tuesday night. While it took some time and some movement, the committee finally got it right.

After the Dawgs, the committee puts Ohio State at No.2, moved Alabama down to No.3 and Cinncinati finally earned the No.4 slot.

It took Oregon getting taken to the woodshed from Utah to put the Bearcats into the top four, but better late than never.

Alabama didn’t look very good last week against Arkansas, while Ohio State handled Michigan State with ease, so that move was brilliant by the committee.

The Buckeyes looked like the second-best team, so thankfully, the committee saw that. Cincinnati beat down on SMU last week, plus Cincy’s win over Notre Dame continues to look better as the season progresses.

Georgia football stays No.1, but at least the rest of the CFP rankings are correct.

If the playoffs happened now, Georgia would take on Cincy instead of Ohio State. After watching what happened last week, the Dawgs would have a much easier route through the Bearcats than the Buckeyes.

Georgia has already seen this Cincinnati in last year’s bowl game where starting field goal kicker Jack Podlesny made a game-winning field goal, but this team is different from the one who played against the Bearcats back then.

The Dawgs are much more disciplined, plus they would have a fully-staffed team and not one that saw some of its players sit out ahead of the NFL Draft.

Georgia wants to win the national championship at all costs, and Cincy would be an easier route because they have seen the Bearcats tendencies. Ohio State and Alabama would have to duke it out, which could go either way, depending on what defense shows up for both teams.

Michigan sits at No. 5, and Notre Dame remains at No. 6. However, behind them, Oklahoma State sits at No. 7, which is interesting. The Pokes have to get over the hump that is Oklahoma this week, but if they do and beat Baylor, they could see themselves move up the rankings. Michigan has Ohio State this week, and if they lose and Oklahoma State wins, could we see a flip-flop?

There is still a lot that could happen, but for now, the Dawgs just need to focus on beating Georgia Tech and then getting past Alabama in the SEC title game. If Georgia does that, Alabama could be out of the playoffs, but at the same time, the committee could keep them in because they’re the Tide.

Georgia football deserves to be No.1 and they sit in the driver’s seat, though. There still isn’t a team among the top four that should make the Dawgs uncomfortable. If Georgia plays how they have all year, a national title is in their sights and possibly an undefeated season.