Georgia football: 3 simple things the offense does against Georgia Tech

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Georgia football

Kenny McIntosh and Justin Shaffer celebrate a touchdown. (Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

Well, Georgia football fans, the Charleston Southern game gave us all a chance to sit back and watch the boys enjoy themselves on the field.

The team scored at will, and the defense suffocated the Bucs — it was good to see the team do what they were supposed to. The Jordan Davis touchdown and him leading the Redcoats are sure to be memories all of us will remember when thinking back on 2021.

Now the real fun starts. The first of what we all believe will be more championships. The state championship in Atlanta. Ok, first, I know The Governors Cup is not a big deal to fans. At this point, it is almost a birthright for the students at Georgia because the Dawgs lead the series 68-39-5.

Make no mistake — this game is big. It is big to the university and really big to Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart. Remember Smart lost his last game as a player against Georgia Tech and his first game against Tech as a coach. Smart is old school with rivals — he hates them as much as we do.

Georgia football needs to see its offense stay explosive. Here are three keys to do just that.

There is nothing like having the opportunity to watch the beloved Dawgs absolutely destroy the nerds every year. The noon kickoff has almost become a tradition, and that’s a plus for Georgia.

As if playing Georgia Tech wasn’t enough to rest your players, the noon kick helps even more. With the game likely ending around 3:30 p.m. Georgia will be home in Athens before dark and begin resting for the December 4th matchup against Alabama.

These are three things on offense that would be nice to see Georgia do against Georgia Tech. I will not say keys because, let’s be honest, showing up is the biggest key for the Dawgs with their talent gap.

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