Georgia football has discipline that will make them champions

Georgia football is one of the most disciplined teams in the country, and it showed against Georgia Tech on Saturday as the Dawgs won 45-0.

Among last week’s top seven teams in the College Football Playoff rankings, Georgia ranks highest in the fewest penalties per game.

Through 12 games, the Dawgs have 56 total penalties on the season, which means they average 4.7 and 37.8 penalty yards a game.

Against Georgia Tech, the Dawgs had zero flags, flexing their dedication to being as perfect as they possibly can be.

Georgia football leads the CFP rankings in being the most disciplined team.

A team must be extremely focused and disciplined to win a national title, and Georgia is preaching what they’re practicing.

Among the other top six teams, Georiga is astronomically more disciplined. Michigan is the second closest.

The Dawgs rank No. 8 nationally in the fewest penalty yards per game and No. 17 in average flags a game.

This year, Michigan has 60 total flags and ranks No. 23 in average flags at five and No.18 in penalty yards at 41.8 yards a game.

They controlled their emotions a lot better than their rival Ohio State, and it paid off by beating them for the first time in eight years.

As for the Buckeyes, among the top teams, they are the fifth-worst. They’ve committed 78 penalties on the year. They are No. 84 in average penalty yards at 58.3 and No.81 in flags at 6.5 a game.

The third best among the top seven is Notre Dame, who is No. 55 with 49.8 penalty yards a game and No.50 in average flags at 5.7 on 60 total flags.

Oklahoma State, yes, the Pokes, are in the playoff race, especially after beating Oklahoma. The Pokes have 74 penalties on the year and average 56.3 yards a game which is No. 74 nationally. They average 6.2 penalties a game which is No. 65 as well.

The two teams who are the least disciplined among the top-rated programs are Alabama and Cincinnati. The Tide has 87 flags on the season, while the Bearcats has 89.

Yes, the supposed to be disciplined Crimson Tide is one of the most penalized teams in all of college football.

Alabama has 87 flags on the season, averaging 7.3 penalties which rank No. 107, and then they rank No. 118 in average penalty yards at 68.9 yards a game.

There are only 12 teams that are less disciplined than Alabama in what kind of penalties they commit. Florida is one of those 12 teams.

So it makes sense why the Tide hasn’t been as strong this year. Last year when they won it all, they averaged six penalties a game and 48.1 yards.

Cincinnati is one other undefeated team in college football, but they are also one of the most penalized. The Bearcats average 7.4 penalties a game, which is No. 112 nationally, and average 56.3 yards which is No. 74.

Do you see the trend here? Georgia has been so disciplined this year, which is one of the biggest reasons they are 12-0 on the season.

They wouldn’t be able to suffocate opponents and score at will if it weren’t for them keeping their composure and staying the course. Georgia isn’t perfect by any means, but they strive to be and hold their expectations at an extremely high level.

If Georgia can continue to play with this level of discipline, they should be able to win these next two to three ball games and finish the drill. The Dawgs have waited for 41-years for an opportunity like this.

There shouldn’t be anything that stops Georgia from achieving everything they’ve worked to accomplish.

This focus Georgia possesses is unmatched, and they’ve officially put on the blinders. It’s time, and the Dawgs have the intangibles to do it.