Georgia football: SEC Championship tickets don’t have to be cheap for fans to buy

Richard LeCounte wears the savage pads (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Richard LeCounte wears the savage pads (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

There is no surprise that the Georgia football tickets for the SEC Championship game are outrageously priced.

It seems like this game has always had the most expensive ticket prices among the Power 5 conference championships from recent memory.

There is something about Georgia playing in a postseason game that makes ticket prices go wild.

At the same time, Dawg fans continue to buy them at that price, so it’s understandable why they stay so high.

Georgia football fans see sky-high ticket prices for the SEC Championship game, and it’s no surprise.

The game sold out on the SEC website, so secondary markets are the only way to purchase tickets right now. It’s wild how big of a difference the price is between the conference and these secondary sites.

Tickets started at $150 for the upper deck and maxed out at $305 for club seats. Now those are reasonable prices for a football game.

Throughout the various secondary markets, tickets have been seen starting around $350 for upper-level tickets and skyrocketing to $3400 a ticket for lower-level seats. Those numbers could change as the game gets closer, but still, that is an astronomical price to pay for a conference title game.

Wow, that is a lot of money for one ticket, but the crazy thing about it, someone will likely buy them anyway. It’s not like this inflation comes because the Dawgs are No.1 in the country. After all, anytime Georgia plays in the postseason, the tickets are outrageous, or so it seems.

SEC football runs deep, and the pockets for a lot of the fans do as well. So while that price may seem outrageous to some people, there is someone who will pay it.

Georgia and Alabama fans love their football teams, and they don’t care how much tickets are. If they want to go, they will find a way to be there and pay whatever price they’re comfortable doing.

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So the SEC’s motto of “it just means more” means something on so many levels, including ticket prices.