Georgia football must make Glenn Schumann the lone defensive coordinator

Nakobe Dean. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Nakobe Dean. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

Georgia football has used the term co-defensive coordinator for at least one entire season by now, with Dan Lanning and Glenn Schumann sharing the title.

While it’s okay because it’s worked and the defense is one of the best units ever, at the same time, Georgia needs to name Schumann the lone defensive coordinator and use Will Muschamp with the special teams.

Lanning got the Fain and Billy Slaughter Defensive Coordinator title, while Schumann got co-defensive coordinator. Now Schumann is co-coordinators with Muschamp, which is fine for the time being, but at the same time, who gets the title?

Georgia football must make Glenn Schumann the defensive coordinator or risk losing one of the best developers.

Schumann is one of the masterminds behind the defense’s success this season. Lanning is a big piece too, but Schumann is really doing the work behind the scenes.

Muschamp is a proven coach, yes, but at the same time, who knows when he will leave. Not to mention Schumann is one of the best recruiters the Dawgs have on the team. Why not let him continue to be in charge of the special teams and let Schumann take over the defense?

Schumann is going to be one hot commodity in the next five years, and the Dawgs need to keep him at all costs. Give him a raise, promotion and whatever else they need to do to keep him. He will go somewhere else if the Dawgs don’t give him the defensive coordinator position.

A lot of people think Lanning was the big developer, but in our opinion, it’s Schumann. He handles the inside linebackers and you know who is an inside backer — Nakobe Dean, Channing Tindall.

Schumann should get to claim that Dean is the coach who coached him to win a Butkus award, but Lanning got a big portion of the credit because he was the defensive coordinator with the title.

Smart brought Schumann in as his first hire when he got here in 2016, and now it’s time for him to make the promotion happen. Maybe the co-coordinator situation will be temporary for the rest of the season, and then the promotion will happen, but in all reality, it needs to.

Muschamp can coach wherever he wants, and he seems to enjoy the special teams.

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We’re not saying Schumann is going to leave if he doesn’t get the promotion, but we think he will eventually if it doesn’t happen sooner than later.