Some Georgia football fans seem convinced JT Daniels positive COVID test is an excuse

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback JT Daniels Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
Georgia Bulldogs quarterback JT Daniels Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports /

Silly as it may seem, some Georgia football fans seem convinced that JT Daniels’ positive COVID test is a ruse to keep Stetson Bennett in the starting role without any backlash towards the coaches.

Yes, there are people out there who believe this and refuse to accept that Daniels tested positive and want to make this about a quarterback controversy.

While we are all entitled to our own opinions, but this may be taking it one step too far. As a fanbase, we continue to get more divided the longer this season goes on, and from afar, people would think the Dawgs are 4-9 and out of a bowl game.

Nope, the Dawgs are 12-1, and in the College Football Playoffs ranked No.3 in the nation and just signed a top-3 recruiting class. It’s very confusing being a Georgia fan right now.

Georgia football fans need to realize where the line is because some have crossed it with the JT Daniels situation.

Some people may say there is no way any of the Georgia fans would think this or say this, but I suggest you go to Twitter and search “JT Daniels covid” and scroll for a while.

There are some that flat-out suggest terrible things, others aren’t so obvious about it, but there are many people out there who need to think about things before putting it on the internet.

If Stetson Bennett starts against Michigan it’ll be because the coaching staff belives he is the best man for the job not because Smart picked one over the other. Fans don’t see practice, they don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, only what they see on TV or at the game.

Bennett helped get Georgia to where they are and he wasn’t the only reason the Dawgs fell to Alabama. There were plenty of other reasons for the loss.

At this point, Daniels could be back, it all depends on the protocols and how things go the next nine days. Everything could change, but suggesting the terrible things I’ve seen on Twitter isn’t the way to do it.

Instead we need to wish Daniels a speedy recovery and hope that he doesn’t get too sick. We all need to also hope Bennett doesn’t get COVID-19 either because then the Dawgs would be struggling. There is more to life that football and who is the starting quarterback for Georgia.

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Yes, it’s been 41 years since they last won a national championship, but it isn’t like this is the final season for the Dawgs to do it. Georgia is rebuilding and building something special. So as Georgia fans we need to rally together and support this team and the players who now need the support more than ever.