George Pickens must make a statement in the title game

Kenny McIntosh celebrates with George Pickens after scoring a touchdown. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images)
Kenny McIntosh celebrates with George Pickens after scoring a touchdown. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images) /

Georgia football wide receiver George Pickens hurt himself last spring and had to work his tail off to get back on the field this season. He defied the odds and made his return for the Charleston Southern game, and while it’s understandable why he hasn’t made too many big plays.

Still, this title game is a perfect opportunity to finally make a statement this season.

Some probably think suggesting he makes a statement is a lot to ask of a guy returning from a torn ACL, but leaving a statement doesn’t always mean 10 catches for 150 yards and three touchdowns.

Georgia football needs George Pickens to send a message on Monday.

Pickens just needs to make sure that the catch gets made if he gets targeted. He only needs one to three big catches to send the message.

However, while we all love his antics and aggressive nature, those antics need to be put to bed in this game. That video of him shoving the Michigan defensive back, while entertaining, it was extremely immature. We all know how the referees are when it comes to Alabama, so that cannot happen on Monday.

There was no flag in the Michigan game for that, and it shouldn’t have been, but again, referees and the Crimson Tide make us all uncomfortable.

So this game, we need to see straight-laced Pickens, who can still make big plays. It’s time for him to officially arrive this season, even if it’s the last game.

This year, Brock Bowers has done a fantastic job as the primary playmaker for the Dawgs, but for Georgia to win this ballgame against Alabama, they need a couple of guys to step up and help. James Cook could match Bowers’ production, but a guy like Pickens just needs a couple of big plays, and that would be plenty to provide the statement Georgia needs out of him.

It’s Pickens’ time to shine after watching his teammates do it all season long. Having Pickens back in the lineup gives the Dawgs a weapon like Alabama has Jameson Williams. Regardless of whether anyone wants to believe this or not, it’s true. Pickens is a force on the field, and the Tide knows that.

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By them knowing that is why three catches are more than enough for him to make a statement. Pickens just needs to take advantage of the opportunities given to him, and it’ll help Georgia football win their first national championship in 41 years.