Saturday’s celebration prove Georgia football has the best fans ever

ATHENS, GA - JANUARY 15: Head coach Kirby Smart of the Georgia Bulldogs speaks during the celebration honoring the Georgia Bulldogs national championship victory on January 15, 2022 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
ATHENS, GA - JANUARY 15: Head coach Kirby Smart of the Georgia Bulldogs speaks during the celebration honoring the Georgia Bulldogs national championship victory on January 15, 2022 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

After spending Saturday in Athens for the Georgia football national championship celebrations, it’s pretty clear who has the best fans in college football, and it’s the Dawgs.

It was 40-degrees outside with the wind blowing, and everyone had to be cold, but Dawg Nation showed up in a big way. Fans lined the streets, in the stadium, and everywhere they could get and get a glimpse at the festivities.

Not even exaggerating, but there had to be 100,000-plus people in Athens. That stadium was almost entirely full, and if the weather were a bit warmer, it probably would have filled up all the way. People were likely in the corridor staying out of the wind too.

That number accounted for the people on the bridge who couldn’t get into the stadium and the people on the field themselves because there were rows and rows of seats, and all of those were full.

Georgia football proved they have the best fans globally, with the masses flocking to Athens to celebrate the first title in 41 years.

The parade featured head coach Kirby Smart, his coaching staff, the players, and even some of the 2022 signees. He got out, called the Dawgs, and the excitement on his face showed how much he loves his job.

That Dawg walk was unlike any other, with more fans and more buzz than an actual game. Athens was ready for this, and the fans didn’t disappoint.

Those staircases at Tate Student Center and parking deck were loaded down with fans. Anywhere a person could get, they were there trying to get a glimpse at the national champs.

There was a line outside the bookstore that went all the way to the gate on the bridge, waiting their turn to get title merchandise. Those poor workers inside didn’t know what hit them with this crowd.

Of course, fans have seen the videos, photos, and live streams of this all, but being there and in the crowd was magical and almost surreal, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be there and celebrate this team.

Former Georgia quarterback who helped lead the Dawgs to the 2005 SEC Championship, DJ Shockley emceed the event, and there wasn’t a better choice to do so. He was incredible and hung onto every moment of it.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said that he had been to a lot of national championship celebrations, but none like this one where a fan base filled an entire stadium during the middle of January.

The Governor of Georgia spoke, University of Georgia president Jere Morehead spoke, Smart gave a speech, and a few others to present the trophy — the fans hung onto every word they said because that is how much this national championship meant to this program.

One of the best moments was Jordan Davis flashing the Braves jersey after speaking made the crowd go nuts, and the chop chant broke out in the masses. Then the whole Kirby-Kirby-Kirby chant was breathtaking, seeing a group of people coming together to celebrate everything.

Saturday left me speechless about how incredible this fan base is and how lucky we all are to be Georgia Bulldog fans because the future is brighter than the sun.

Tears of joy flowed from people’s eyes from the moment the first video started to when the 1980 team rose the 2021 national championship flag. Now that was a moment no one thought would happen, and when it did, that stadium was louder than it had ever been before.

We all know Georgia fans travel with their team, they support their team, criticize coaching decisions, and everything in between, but when Smart and the team needed them to show up in the middle of January in 40-degree weather, they came by the droves.

This fan base waited 41 years, so nothing would keep them from celebrating with the team. Thankfully the snow held off one more day, but I’m sure they would have shown up regardless.

Nothing can describe Saturday’s festivities and how wild it was to see that many fans there. The team got the support they deserved, but then again, Georgia fans are never afraid to travel for their Bulldogs.

Georgia football has so much to be proud of, but seeing those fans should make them warm inside, not to mention what a recruiting tool as there were recruits there too. Seeing a fanbase love a team that much — who wouldn’t want to play for a team like that?

If you couldn’t come, hit the Georgia football Twitter account because they did a great job touching into all the aspects and emotions. How many times did you cry watching the festivities?

If you were there, how many times did you cry from the time you got to Athens until you left? For me, I lost count after the Vince Dooley ‘It’s Saturday in Athens’ video, and that was early in the festivities.

Smart closed it out by saying something along the lines of we’re burning the boats, baby, and we’re coming back — that hit us all where it matters, and we as a fanbase believe him. That man is the right one for this job, and he is just getting started. 

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Ain’t nothing finer in the land, and after Saturday’s celebration, that statement rings truer than ever.