Georgia football is easily predicted to make Atlanta in way too early 2022 SEC Rankings

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Georgia football

The Georgia Bulldogs celebrate after defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide during the College Football Playoff Championship. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Georgia football and other college fans have only been without college football for over a week, but many are already counting the days until the 2022 season kicks off.

Even though the offseason is in its infancy, it’s never too early to look ahead to next year, right?

The enjoyable aspects of looking forward to the next season for Georgia football fans involve analyzing the team and its chances of repeating as national champions. Fans of other teams look ahead in hopes that their teams will put the pieces together and try to compete for a championship of their own.

Georgia football will once again have a schedule that, if played well, will allow them to contend in 2022.

Roster turnover has always been at the forefront of college football, especially now that the transfer portal exists. Sustained success from year to year is contingent on replacing outgoing talent continuously, whether through recruiting or transfers.

The portal will likely shift this ranking around because, with so much unknown, there is no telling how these squads could look when Sept. 3 gets here.

For now, we’re predicting how the season will play out depending on where teams currently stand and considering possible additions that could still happen.

We broke down each SEC team’s schedule game-by-game to determine how the standings could look. Based on how the situations played out, each team got placed into the top, middle, or bottom tier for the East and West SEC divisions.

The same number of teams are in each tier for both divisions, with two in the top tier, three in the middle and two in the bottom.

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