Georgia football: 3 proven players that will impress at the Combine

Jordan Davis rushes the Michigan quarterback. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Jordan Davis rushes the Michigan quarterback. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Georgia football
Georgia running back James Cook runs the ball against Tennessee. (Photo By The Knoxville News-Sentinel) /

Georgia football running back James Cook

Another guy who could elevate his stock with a solid performance at the NFL Combine is James Cook, who shared the starting role with Zamir White.

If Cook went to school anywhere else, this cat would have first-round written all over him, but people tend to overlook him because he shared the reps and didn’t always have the spotlight on him.

However, his performances against Tennessee and Michigan made people think he is just as good if not better than his brother. The huge run against Alabama in the national championship that set up Georgia’s first touchdown was impressive. His vision on that play showed a mature running back who didn’t try to overdo it. Instead, he followed his blocks and ran for the fences.

Cook is a strong running back, but his ability to be a receiver is just an added benefit, and something NFL scouts already want. He needed another year in Athens to improve his craft and confidence in himself.

He has that now and can show how good he is at the NFL Combine. Cook has a ceiling he hasn’t hit yet, and he has no idea how good he is. His maturity was immense for the Dawgs down the stretch of the season, and those smart plays made him look like he was ready for the NFL.

With his brother already in the league and people comparing the two, James Cook is better than Dalvin, and once he gets with a team, he will prove it.

This week in Indy will be a big one for him. If his speed, agility, vision, and everything else come together, scouts will be trying to figure out how to get him sooner rather than later.