Georgia football: SEC Media Days needs to stay in Atlanta

Georgia Football (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)
Georgia Football (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) /

Georgia football and the rest of the SEC will head to Atlanta this July for the annual SEC Media Days.

The SEC dropped the coach schedule for the event, and while that is usually the best topic of discussion, the location should be priority number one.

For the longest time, Media Days took place in Birmingham, Ala., and it never failed — the fans showed up, especially the Alabama ones. A few years back, Atlanta and the College Football Hall of Fame got the nod, which is where it is again this year.

Next year it could be in Nashville if everything goes okay. Media days tried to do Nashville last year, but due to COVID-19, they had to move it back to Birmingham.

Enough with this moving around. It’s time to move it to Atlanta permanently.

Georgia football and the rest of the SEC should make Atlanta the only Media Days location.

The SEC Championship is already in Atlanta, so why not make the city a conference hub?

Then the College Football Hall of Fame is in Atlanta and is plenty big to produce the event. They’ve done it before, so why not keep it in one place?

Sure there are 14 SEC teams with unique campuses and stuff, but Atlanta is where they all meet to decide the champion, and it should be where Media Days should be.

Nashville sounds fun and all, but Atlanta is much easier to fly into than anywhere else, and it should be where the best conference meets to discuss each upcoming year.

It isn’t vital to pick a permanent location, but changing it each year also doesn’t seem right either. If you choose a single site, the SEC can build it into a true event.

The fans already show up regardless of where it is, but by choosing one location, you can plan for other things to happen on those days.

Make it into a spectacle that adds more money to the conference. Bring in musical guests, vendor booths, among other things, and make it even bigger.

People know what goes on, but seeing it too would help them understand more about what the media and these coaches and players go through when they do this event.

Plus, with the NIL stuff, they can set athletes up for autographs and do other things with them. There are limitless opportunities, and the SEC should take advantage of that.

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Atlanta is the right place to turn SEC Media Days into the event it deserves to be.