Georgia football: 14 Dawgs selected in this 2022 NFL Mock Draft

John FitzPatrick runs towards DeMarcco Hellams. (Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
John FitzPatrick runs towards DeMarcco Hellams. (Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /
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Georgia football
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Georgia football first-round selections in the 2022 NFL Draft

Depending on what mock draft fans read, Georgia football has three to eight players projected to go in the first round. However, it seems safe to say that the Dawgs will likely see four or five maximum. While it’s fun to speculate eight Dawgs could go that early, it won’t happen.

Some mock drafts have even dropped a couple of these guys out of the first round, which is absolutely absurd, but it’s their opinion. In this one, we believe that four Georiga players will go within the first 32 picks of the 2022 NFL Draft. We even think there could be two top-10 picks for Georiga if everything goes to plan with the NFL Combine and other workouts.

Devonte Wyatt: #22— Las Vegas Raiders
Devonte Wyatt made the best choice of his career when he decided to come back one more season to increase his draft stock. If he didn’t, then Wyatt would have likely gone in the fifth or sixth round, but he could be a first-rounder because he did.

His performance in practice at the Senior Bowl did wonders for his stock and dominated in Athens every Saturday. Wyatt was Jordan Davis’ partner in crime, and these two caused problems for every offense they faced.

He has excellent instinct and size, but his work ethic puts him in a new class. Some may consider him the other defensive tackle, but Wyatt held his own and did his part alongside Davis.

The two were a holy terror, and while we all wish they could keep playing together, it’s time for them to branch out. Wyatt loves to disrupt the quarterback and has an extraordinary move he uses to get through the offensive line.

Since he didn’t get to play in the Senior Bowl, most projections have him going early in the second round, but I think a team jumps on him before the first-round finishes. We have him going as the No. 22 overall pick to the Las Vegas Raiders, where he will be a great addition.

There are mock drafts that believe the Raiders could take him in the second round, but they don’t need to risk waiting on him. If he is there at No. 22, they should take the risk and draft him.

Other teams that could select him are Green Bay, Dallas, Chicago, Tampa Bay or the Browns.

Wyatt has the drive to be an NFL starter, and any good coach can pull that out of him. Tray Scott laid the groundwork, and now some NFL team will get very lucky by selecting him.

Travon Walker: #13 — Cleveland Browns

Travon Walker will be a first-round draft pick because he is one of the best edge rushers in college football. He helped lead Georgia to a national championship and caused havoc.

Walker was one of the best at putting pressure on the quarterback, and even though Georgia’s entire defense put up the numbers, people remember him. He didn’t need 20 sacks or tackles for loss because what he did put together was impressive enough.

We have the Browns taking him at No. 13 overall, but Walker could go at No. 15 to the Eagles, the Vikings or the Broncos. If the Falcons were smart, they would take him at No.8. This young man is going to be starting in the NFL next season.

While he could have stayed in Athens one more year and fine-tuned these skills, Walker will make a ton of money in the NFL, so why not declare early.

He will have to prove himself at the NFL Combine and Georgia pro day, but for anyone who is looking for an edge rusher that is coachable, Walker is that. Stats don’t always tell the true story, but there is a reason Walker’s stock continues to rise even though some of these scouting reports suggest he isn’t a priority.

His size and length make him intriguing, but when you watch his tape and see what he does in game-time situations, there are far more positives than negatives. The Browns should take a shot here and get him off the board early because Walker won’t be there for the picking if they wait around on him.

Jordan Davis: #8 — Atlanta Falcons

While most publications suggest that the Falcons don’t need a defensive tackle, Jordan Davis is an exception. He will shock everyone this week at the NFL Combine and show what they saw in the SEC Championship Game wasn’t normal. People can say he isn’t a top-10 pick, but Davis will be a hot commodity when he finishes up in Indy.

Davis is an absolute force on the football field. Anyone who has seen him play should know to snag him as soon as possible, but others need convincing. He is a massive football player that won’t have any issues going up against big offensive linemen. Davis also has excellent speed to run down players, as we saw him do a few times this past season.

If there is ever a time for the Falcons to let go of their bias towards Georgia football players, then it’s with this guy. Forget the strategies and just pick who the best is on the board. Atlanta could use Davis on their defensive front, so it would be a great choice.

Some other teams that could draft Davis are the Lions, New England, Dallas, the Bills, Tampa Bay, or the Chargers. Regardless, this guy should not be on the board after the first round, and if he doesn’t go top-10, I will be shocked.

Nakobe Dean: #3 — Houston Texans

If anyone could go top-3 from the Georgia football program, it’s linebacker Nakobe Dean, and while most mock drafts don’t have him in the top-15, they are flat out wrong about him. Most mock drafts have someone like Oregon edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux or Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton at the No. 3 overall pick, but the Texans should go after Dean.

He is the best linebacker in this class, and the Texans need a guy like him on their team. His ability to lead and football IQ should automatically put him in the top-5, but his tackling, closing speed, and natural ability to play this game should have teams fighting over him.

If the Texans don’t take him, other teams that could draft him are the Jets, Giants, Falcons, Commanders, Titans, Cowboys or the Eagles.

Dean is a can’t-miss draft prospect that shouldn’t have to prove why he deserves to be No. 3 overall. Some experts suggest that his size will be the biggest question mark, but didn’t Roquan Smith just go in the first round a few years back? The size thing is irrelevant when Dean plays the way he does. Dean is the Butkus winner, for crying out loud — he won that for a reason.

The disrespect Dean continues to get as more mock drafts drop him out of the first round should reevaluate. Dean is one of the next great NFL players, and whoever gets him will find out immediately what kind of man he is on and off the field.

Dean makes a great fit at Houston and would quickly become one of the leaders. He has that personality to be that man, and I predict he will be a future Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient.

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Georgia football will see 14 of its 15 players drafted in the upcoming NFL Draft because that is the kind of talent this 2021 squad had. These players have what it takes to play in the league, and it’s past time for some of the NFL schools to give Georgia’s players the respect they deserve.