Georgia football: 12 days left to make the 2022 G-Day better than 93K Day

When Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart issued the 93K-Day challenge back in 2016, no one knew if Dawg Nation would make it happen, but boy did they. That energy fans put into the 2016 G-Day game needs to get brought to the 2022 one because this is the year of the Dawg and the one where we prove this is the superior fanbase.

The university opened tickets up to the fanbase last week, and they are first-come-first-serve, so grabbing them sooner is better than waiting.

Even when those sell out, Georgia fans need to crowd the bridge — show up on campus because the reigning national champs are playing football for the first time since the 33-18 victory over Alabama.

Georgia football fans need to flood Athens on April 16, blowing 93K-Day out of the water.

For the national championship celebration, fans came in the masses to sit in freezing temperatures to hear a few people talk, see the team ride to the stadium, and celebrate them ending a 41-year streak.

Why not do it for the spring game, where fans can watch the team play for bragging rights and get a glimpse of the 2022 squad.

Some fans have never seen a national championship in Athens, and the returners deserve to have the support.

Despite the team charging five bucks for tickets, it will be worth it. If you don’t want to pay that, then go tailgate and enjoy the whole day because the time between post-G-Day and fall camp drags, so get your football fix.

While some may feel like this piece is redundant because Dawg Nation always shows up for the team, it’s important to put it out there because Georgia is the defending national champions — the fans should still be excited about that on April 16.

If a Georgia fan isn’t excited about their team being defending champs, check their pulse and make sure there isn’t a Gator shirt under their Dawg gear.

Hopefully, the university is ready for fans to flood Athens regardless of whether they can get into the stadium or not because it’s time for Dawg Nation to cause a commotion in April.