Georgia basketball sees more transfers from the men’s program

Georgia basketball had two more players from the men’s program announce that they would enter their names into the transfer portal.

Jaxon Etter and Tyron McMillan are the two latest to announce and bring the total to eight transfers for the Dawgs since the end of the season. This number is not good, and it’s not ideal for new head coach Mike White.

Why are guys continuing to transfer away from this program even though the Dawgs found a new coach?

Georgia basketball continues to see more male players transfer away from the program.

Etter and McMillan join Dalen Ridgnal, Camron McDowell, Kario Oquendo, Christian Wright, Tyrone Baker, and Josh Taylor as guys planning to leave the program.

This transfer issue is nothing new at Georgia, as the Dawgs have seen players transfer each year since Tom Crean got to Athens. Now they are doing so with White, and while not every play will like what he brings to the program, it’s still concerning.

White will bring in the guys who work well inside his program but seeing someone like Etter leave when he is a homegrown Georgia kid is not good.

Maybe this is one of those times Georgia fans should trust the process, but it’s hard to when so much wrong has gone on there in the last few years.

Oquendo was a massive piece of the puzzle that was leaving. He was a huge reason Georgia had any success in 2012, so it stings seeing him go elsewhere, but at the same time, it’s understandable. Oquendo has the kind of talent that will go to the NBA, so he needs to go somewhere to get the exposure he needs.

Etter had to prove himself and did last season. He shot 43% from the field and was one of the guys who knew how to draw fouls, as he recorded 30 last season.

White said in a press conference that he wants these players to do whatever is best for them, and if they don’t think that is in Athens, he supports their decision.

However, at what point is too many in the portal? It allows White and his staff to pluck guys out of the portal themselves, but these were talented players now headed elsewhere.

Will he bring some of his guys from Florida? There are plenty of LSU guys in the portal. The Dawgs are looking at a similar situation as the Bayou Bengals in terms of transfers, so this situation will be one to watch.