Georgia football: Arik Gilbert will bounce back better than ever in 2022

Arik Gilbert
Arik Gilbert /

As most know, Georgia football picked up Arik Gilbert last offseason, but the young man didn’t quite have the year anyone expected him to. That setback is behind him now, and through the first half of spring practice, it seems Gilbert is right back on track.

This article has been something I’ve written, deleted, rewritten and now writing for a third time because this young man deserves support regardless of what he does on the field. At the same time, seeing the few videos, reports and what head coach Kirby Smart said about him, it seems Gilbert will have a big season.

The key here is making sure he has fun playing football. I don’t know the situation or claim to know, but Gilbert has so much physical talent this game should be fun for him. The pressure is normal, but he should know it’s okay to enjoy football.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like he has the sparkle back in his eye like football is doing what it should — make him happy.

Georgia football will see Arik Gilbert bounce back in a significant way.

Gilbert has so much talent that it’s great to see him back practicing with the team. There have already been a few articles on him that helped make this prediction — he will be a significant playmaker for the Dawgs in 2022.

That prediction will hold if he continues to learn the playbook like he needs to and gets in game shape. He seems to be heading that way, making April 16 even more exciting because we could finally see Gilbert in action.

Gilbert flirted with being a receiver, but his true calling is at tight end. Plus, with his weight being where it is, he is physically more of a tight end than a wideout, and that’s okay. The Dawgs can use him regardless.

There was a time when we all thought Gilbert wouldn’t play again, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. However, with Brock Bowers, Ryland Goede and Darnell Washington out this spring, Gilbert can battle it out with Brett Seither and Oscar Delp for playing time. He has a gift, and it’s just so good to see him back with the team and grow as a player.

We think the more stamina he gains, the better he gets to know the playbook — Gilbert will leap up the depth chart and onto the field. Look at what he did at LSU as a freshman. It was incredible.

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Gilbert is a stud, and it will be a big year for him because it’s his time. G-Day could be a welcome to Athens moment for him, and we’re here for it. With him on the team, Gilbert brings such an edge to the tight end room, and it will be the best in the country.